Getting Into A Partnership? Here's What You Must Know

Getting Into A Partnership? Here's What You Must Know

Getting Into A Partnership? Here's What You Must Know

Real estate investors often go in for partnerships because all the acumen and resource required to make for a successful business is difficult to manage by a single person. Partnerships are fruitful when the two or three partners balance the business perfectly. However, it is for investors to make up their mind whether they really want to go in for a partnership. 

Once it is decided that having a partner can make the business grow more then they can move further and choose a partner who should have prior experience in the real estate sector. No matter if you are well experienced or have limited knowledge in the property market, your partner should be well-versed with the sector and should be competent to guide you. He should also warn you while making any wrong decision. 

The next important thing is to create a partnership agreement that clearly states the outlook, opportunities and the rights. It should mention each parties' take home capital and the due duties. The agreement should also rationally put down clauses that concerns separation from the firm. Both the parties should jointly make the business plan and agree upon it. With solid business plans and skilled people, one can have a perfect real estate partnership.

There is always a negative side of every partnership business. Many of us have heard about ugly and unpleasant stories of partnership. Financial losses, disagreement on deals, ditching are the few consequences of the dark side of a real estate partnership. Many people keep a distance from partnership business because of these reasons. They fear unnecessary tiffs. But, one should know the potential benefits of teaming up, which should lead you to pick the right partner. 

Let us consider some of the important tips for a successful real estate partnership. 

Joint responsibilities and risks 

Real estate investment needs adequate amount of time, skill, energy and capital to become successful in the market. Establishing a partnership, can lessen the amount of responsibilities and at the same time can make both the parties learn of balancing the duties. One should also not forget about the risks involved in the real estate investment. A partnership can work if you are splitting different tasks, but, decide on who does what at the very beginning. There should be proper accountability between both the parties as each partner knows what is required for a steady business growth. 


If the investor is making his first entry into the real estate sector, then finance is one of the most common challenges he needs to face. The addition of a partner can solve (to some extent) these kinds of trouble. A partner can alleviate the expenses associated with any kind of investment. If the financial crunch persists, then a partner can support in finding new sources of funding.

Extended networking 

Building up a strong network of developers, other investors, brokers, potential buyers is one of the crucial tools for advancing a real estate partnership. Networking can be boosted with the addition of a partner through his contacts. Also, smart networking can help strengthen the amount of exposure you receive. It becomes more transparent and credible in the property market as to where you are positioned now and whether you are heading towards the right direction or not.

Combined talent 

Every person has different strength and weaknesses. While one person has a strong financial backing the other may have good knowledge of the property market. Combining them together can bring a profitable deal and creates a healthy business atmosphere. Understand each person's ability and put those skills in proper use to advance the partnership.

Communicate daily 

Talking everyday can make many difficult tasks possible. So, communicate daily, a lot can happen in a span of one day. Both the parties should be aware of what is the trend in the real estate sector. Discuss daily events and keep working to achieve the future goals. This will ascertain the growth of your company. 

Last Updated: Tue Nov 15 2016

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