Galley Kitchen: An Efficient Use Of Small Space

Galley Kitchen: An Efficient Use Of Small Space

Galley Kitchen: An Efficient Use Of Small Space

A galley kitchen is one of the smartest ways to utilise the kitchen space in your home optimally. This kitchen has two parallel running units separated by a corridor, thus, offers abundant storage and adequate space to work. Galley kitchens are ideal if your have limited kitchen space.

If you are planning to design a galley kitchen at your home, then these tips would come handy:

Space & design

Galley kitchens fit well for small- or medium-sized kitchens but the efficiency is lost if this layout is used for kitchens with large space. While designing them, you could opt for a symmetrical or an asymmetrical layout. In a symmetrical layout, the cabinets or arrangements on both the sides are opposite to each other. On the other hand, in an asymmetrical design the tall cabinets or appliances are placed on one side and wall units on the other.

Basic dimensions

Your galley kitchen could be of any length, but dividing it efficiently will give you multiple work zones. Ideally, distance between two countertops should be four to five feet; however, in single occupancy kitchen a distance of three feet can also sufficient. The basic cabinets should be at least two feet deep.


Add efficient storage to a galley kitchen with several options such as tall cabinets, small organisers etc. Get your storage customised according to your needs and ensure that the things that you regularly need are stored within your reach.

Closed-off kitchen wall

If a galley kitchen is closed from end and there is only one entrance, then make use of the closed-off wall area. Modify your galley kitchen in a U-shaped kitchen and get your sink on the closed end. If you want to keep just the wall, then hang a painting or use it as a chalkboard.


If the space allows and there is ample storage and work surface, you can also create a breakfast bar or have a mini-seating space. Be careful when you decide to add sitting space to your kitchen as it might affect your work space.

Advantages of galley kitchen

  • It can be easily transformed into a basic working triangle; hence, working in a galley kitchen is easy and stress-free.
  • These kitchens are fully functional as they give more working zones.
  • Everything is easily accessible in these kitchens.
  • They are easier to organise and clean.

Disadvantages of a galley kitchen

  • Due to limited space, they are not ideal for more than one cook.
  • People passing through the kitchen can cause jam in the area.
Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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