Feng Shui Tips To Invite Fortune With Money Frog

Feng Shui Tips To Invite Fortune With Money Frog

Feng Shui Tips To Invite Fortune With Money Frog

The Feng Shui Money Frog, also known as Chan Chu or Jin Chan is depicted as a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth. According to Feng Shui, this lucky frog is believed to have the exceptional powers to ward off evil spirits; and attract wealth and abundance. Thus, keeping the money frog cash registers and homes too is a popular oriental practice.

So, offer a tiny space for this Lucky Money Frog in your abode with these Feng Shui tips and wait till you see the results yourself.

Placement: The foremost rule for achieving the desired effect is placing the lucky symbol in the right place. The correct placement for the Money Frog is near the house entrance. If it is an office where you wish to keep the Lucky Toad, make sure you keep it in the wealth corner, that is, the southeast.


Alignment: Make sure the money frog is always facing inside rather than outside. Giving it a direct path towards the door is not recommended. Position the figurine in a respectful way by using a coffee table or a work table to place it. Never keep it on the floor or under a window.


Benefits: It is essential to activate the toad to get the real effects. For this, tie a red ribbon around it or place the toad on a red paper. Most ‘Money Frog’ statues come with coins, but if you do not have, buy a coin to be placed in its mouth. A group of Money Frogs is said to bring more wealth than solitary toads. Thus, go for three, six or nine number of toads, which is auspicious. Do not exceed nine. Align them in a way that they do not face the same direction.



Last Updated: Thu Jul 12 2018

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