Feeling Homesick After Moving Into Your New Abode? Here's What You Can Do

Feeling Homesick After Moving Into Your New Abode? Here's What You Can Do

Feeling Homesick After Moving Into Your New Abode? Here's What You Can Do

Aanchal Dhar, 24, moved from her home in Pune to Delhi for further studies. She was excited before and during her moving process — new home, independent life, new city, and new friends. But, as she settled in, a girl who had been living with her family all her life, suddenly felt homesick.

And it is not uncommon, it happens with a lot of us who move to other cities for work or for studies. In fact, people who move from one rented accommodation to another can feel homesick, too. But, slowly and gradually, we settle in.

MakaaniQ lists five ways that will instantly let you beat the blues if you are feeling homesick in your new accommodation:

Keep in touch

Thanks to technology, we can all be connected to each other, not just through letters that reach us after days or weeks, but through mobile phones, instant messages, and now even video calling. Missing your mother, make a video call to her. Looking at her face or having a one-on-one conversation with her could just brighten your day and even give you the energy to get back to work or studies. What's more? You could even take her help and cook yourself a meal, live.

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Go back in time

When moving we all carry with us memories. Photographs, letters, cards and even old diaries that hold so many stories. The moment you feel low in your new home open this box of memories and relive them. All these memories will bring back a smile to your face and even help you remember all your family and friends and you will not even get to know how the hours went by.


Getting bored at home? Wear your shoes and move out in the locality. You could go and greet your neighbours and tell them that you have moved into the apartment next door. You could also check with them about any activity group you could join. Pick what interests you and it could help you de-stress.


Many apps now let you know what is happening in your neighbourhood. You could install some of these apps and get to know about a concert, a movie show, an ongoing sale or even a musical night at a restaurant near you. Go out and de-stress yourself with music, food or even a bit of shopping.

Make a trip back home

Unlike Dhar, if your home is not too far from the city you have moved to, you could make some frequent visits to your home initially. But make sure the visits are not long or you would want to give up and come back. Take these visits as strength builders and gradually widen the time span between visits. 

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Last Updated: Sat Apr 15 2017

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