Everything You Need To Know About Banglarbhumi

Everything You Need To Know About Banglarbhumi

Everything You Need To Know About Banglarbhumi

Banglarbhumi, also referred to as Banglabhumi, is West Bengal’s online portal for land and property records. It comes under the Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department of the state government. The Banglarbhumi website helps users with many services, including request for plot mapping of GRN, mutation of property, etc. It has an exhaustive web of information pertaining to 42,159 mouzas (localities) and 4.30 crore khaitans (plots).

You could also use Banglarbhumi’s citizen services through the Jomir Tothya app available on Playstore. Use it to access or request plot information, RS-LR details, fee details, officer details, status-check etc.


All about Banglarbhumi’s services

Note that the Banglarbhumi website gives users access to all kinds of information about registered properties. You can look up information regarding the name of the owner, area/size of the property, plot number, value of the property, etc.

It is important you look up a property that you are looking to buy from a seller to ensure a transparent transaction. Registration of property ensures that the property is legal and has an owner. The agreement between the buyer and seller is registered at the authority office and once the process is complete, it finds its way into the online records.


How to access information on Banglarbhumi website

Those who have already used the Banglarbhumi website will need to simply login and ask for the specific citizen service they are looking for.

For first-timers, a sign-up is necessary.

Log on to banglarbhumi(dot)gov(dot)in. The sign up button is in centre of the page, on the top. You will need to fill in all details such as your official name, guardian’s name, address, municipality, email id, contact number, etc. You will be asked to verify these details. Create your profile and sign-in for ‘Citizen Services’ as a ‘Citizen.’ You will need to enter your username, password and captcha to proceed.


Check property details on Banglarbhumi

On the home page, you will find the tab ‘Know Your Property’ on the right hand side. Click on it and enter details to identify the plot. You will be required to enter required fields like district, block and mauza details. You could search by Khatian number or plot. It doesn’t require a sign-up.


Apply online for mutation

Of late, automatic mutation of property is possible. Mutation helps legal transfer of property. If your property is registered, is transferable, its final publication is complete and the transfer of land is not done on the basis of holding number, the automatic mutation process will apply. After mutation, the new owner is liable to pay the property tax.

For automatic property mutations through Banglarbhumi, you do not need to file an application.

Note: Applications are necessary if you need to make any corrections to the papers or if objection has been received within 30 days of sale of land. Approach the Block Land and Land Reforms Office (BL&LRO) to file an application.   


Get the mutation form online

You can find the mutation form online on the website. You will be asked for the details of the applicant-particulars of the transfer and scanned copies of land and tax bills. An application number is generated which can be used to check the status of your application. Complete the formalities by paying the fees through debit card or net banking.

Offline fee payment is also allowed. You can check the status of such payment through ‘Application- GRN Search’ from the ‘Online Application’ option.


About mutation fee

Mutation fee varies depending upon the location. It is different for agricultural, non-agricultural and non-commercial land or a commercial and industrial land.

Keep all receipts handy for use later.


How to place an ROR request?

A Record of Right (ROR) is an important document and it is mandatory for an owner to posses it. You can use the ‘Know Your Property’ section on the website and fill in the required details. You will be asked for the ROR document. Enter your plot number and submit. After this, you will be able to see complete details of your land if such record is available.


How to place request for certified copies?

You can place the request under the ‘Service Delivery Option.’ Select whether you want a certified copy of an ROR, plot map or plot information. It will ask you for your details and then redirect you to the payment page. Pay online and complete the process.


Land conversion through Banglarbhumi

Submit an application to the Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department through the Banglarbhumi website. Keep copies of the registration deed, mutation certificate, receipt of the processing fee, fee acknowledgement number, copy of land and plot information and map of land getting converted as well as a map of adjacent land handy before proceeding. Also, keep recent rent bills and electricity bills handy because you may need them during the process. Agricultural, commercial or industrial land can be converted through this online process and it can be put to other use provided you obtain the permission to do so.

Under the ‘Citizen Services’ tab, select the conversion application and proceed. Upload all the above-mentioned enclosures required to convert land. Proceed by making the online payment.



Last Updated: Fri Feb 21 2020

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