Essential Tips To Build A Renovation Plan Matching Your Budget

Essential Tips To Build A Renovation Plan Matching Your Budget

Essential Tips To Build A Renovation Plan Matching Your Budget
The mechanic in the shop around the corner may not look grand to you. But he will sure fix things at a much lower price. (Dreamstime)

It's been many years since you moved into your new home and the years have started to show — from the lose electrical switches to the rusting plumbing. The modular kitchen isn't what it used to be; there is a desperate need for a new chimney.

All in all, the house needs a renovation. 

But the biggest question is—where do you get the money for it with a monthly EMI (equated monthly instalment) to pay and a house to run?

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Well, then, here are five ways in which you can change things quickly with a low budget:

  • Yes, we all know that the expert knows better. But there is a price to pay — in most cases quite heavy — to hire them. Why not give the daughter of your neighbour who recently completed her degree in interior design a fair chance? It is highly likely she would give her best without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • For your daily shopping of fruits and vegetables, you trust your local grocer. You do not rush to superstores. The same rule applies to the fixing of leaking taps and loose switches. The plumber or electrician in your society or the nearby shop can easily fix things at a much lower price. In case of any issue, they're just a call away.
  • Painting is one simple way to make your home look new. If financial constraints do not allow you do venture into grand plans, just choose a colour of your choice and make your home look new. The addition of some greens would be an icing on the cake.
  • You would want to buy everything of the best quality when it comes to your home, and rightly so. But, there areas where you can cut corners. For instance, you must buy an electricity board but your local supplier would provide you with affordable tiny bolts that could be used in fixing them.
  • You can also go ahead with the renovation plan in parts. You could get your kitchen fixed this Diwali. And then your save enough money to get your bedroom fixed in the coming months. No denying the fact it might be exasperating to go through the process in a phased manner. But, it will certainly give you the time to make up for your lack of funds at present.

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Last Updated: Fri Dec 16 2016

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