E-registration facility launched in Pune

E-registration facility launched in Pune

E-registration facility launched in Pune

In a bid to allure more people to buy properties in Pune the Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps (IGR) is launching an E-registration facility. With the introduction of E-registration facility buying and registering properties will become much more efficient and transparent. The initiative will allow a buyer to complete all the formalities of registration from the office of the property developer sans a visit to a sub-registrar's office. Initially, E-registration will only be available at construction sites that are offering more than 200 residential properties in Pune.

The IGR will ask major property developers to open an for e-registration office at their construction site so that flat owners can finish registration process of their flats in a simpler way. The E-registration of properties be an online process in which one will have to submit all the documents online; the submitted documents will then be checked by the sub-registrar's office and approved.

The E-registration process will include the following steps:

  • Fill all the documents online.
  • Submit your Adhaar Number (This facility can only be availed if both the parties have Adhaar Cards).
  • Both the parties will have to give their thumb impressions and a recent colour photograph.
  • All the details will be matched with details of Adhaar Card.

To offer E-registration facility property developers will have to meet certain requirements such as:

  • Project should have all necessary government approvals.
  • Construction site is offering minimum 200 flats.
  • The site should be equipped with an internet connection, computer, web camera and a biometric reader.
Last Updated: Wed Aug 12 2015

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