Cross-check and Correct Your DDA Application Data

Cross-check and Correct Your DDA Application Data

Cross-check and Correct Your DDA Application Data

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is giving time to all the applicants of its recent 2014 Housing Scheme to rectify the punching mistakes, if any, by November 1, 2014. The Housing Authority has uploaded the data of 7.5 lakh submitted applications on its website. After cross-checking their application forms, the housing scheme applicants can intimate the concerned bank to make the required data punching corrections, if any.

Only data punching error requests will be entertained. Any other changes, like change in flats selection shall not be entertained by the banks. DDA has requested all the applicants to interact only with their banks, through which they have submitted their applications, for getting the errors rectified as calls to the Housing Authority officials shall not be entertained.

DDA has asked the empanelled banks to carry out all the corrections by November 3. Banks will also have to provide the corrected data to DDA by November 3. Incase an applicant is unable to find the details of his applicant online, he should immediately contact the bank through which he has sent his application and ask them to ensure the delivery of his application to DDA.

Applicant can cross-check their forms by clicking it here

Applicant can contact nodal bank branches for correcting punching errors. Here is the list of Nodal officers and Nodal branches of the 13 empanelled banks

Last Updated: Fri Oct 31 2014

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