Can Numbers Help Your Property Move Faster In The Market?

Can Numbers Help Your Property Move Faster In The Market?

Can Numbers Help Your Property Move Faster In The Market?

Just how astrologers across the world use date of birth to determine the future of an individual, numbers play an equally important role in determining the fate of a property. The significance of numbers in real estate dates back to thousands of years across cultures. 

Number in a property, say the apartment number, the street number, or the numbers in the price are taken into consideration by many investors. While some numbers are believed to accelerate the value of the property some could prove to be unlucky. MakaaniQ compiles a list of numbers you must know of before buying or selling a property. 

The lucky ones

Number 8

In Chinese culture, eight is considered to be the luckiest number. If your house number or even street number has an eight or sums up to eight, you are in for a good price. Also, many home sellers even price their property using eight, the number that depicts fortune, as the only digit. For instance, Rs 8,88,888 or Rs 88,88,888 apart from the auspicious factor, experts say such pricing also attracts attention of buyers making them curious about the property.

 Number 7

Another number that is considered to be auspicious for home sales is number seven. So, how about adding seven zeroes to the price of your property or using seven in the price. Also, a home or street with number seven in it can go out easily.

Number 9

Also known as the magic number, number nine holds relevance across religions and so it does in real estate. In fact, if we look around, a lot of products are also priced ending nine. Not just auspicious this also, makes the price look lesser. For instance, a home buyer is likely to click on the property which is priced say Rs 49,99,499 over a property priced at Rs 50,00,000.

Number 5

Another number that holds similar relevance is number five. This is also used prominently while pricing the property.

The unlucky ones

Number 666

Known as the devil's number, 666 will not be commonly seen in price listing. Moreover, apartments with this number have a lesser chance of being sold at a good price when compared to others.

Number 13

This number is  globally considered inauspicious. So much so that many buildings that are higher than 13 storeys do not have the 13th floor. Apartments on the 13th floor, or 13 number house or a property located on street number 13 will have less takers.

Number 4

This number is a big no-no if you want to fetch the right price for your property and not under-value it. According to Chinese numerology, this number is considered to be unlucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for death.

Last Updated: Wed Dec 30 2020

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