Is Your Stay-At-Home Wife In The Loop About Your Home-Buying Decision?

Is Your Stay-At-Home Wife In The Loop About Your Home-Buying Decision?

Is Your Stay-At-Home Wife In The Loop About Your Home-Buying Decision?

Surekha Singh, 31, was at her parents' place in Nainital when her husband Sushant Singh, 33, booked their new home in Noida. At a distress sale, the house was coming cheaper than its actual worth as the seller needed the money urgently. There was no time to waste; this was a golden opportunity that came only once in a lifetime, Sushant told Surekha. The wife was more than happy and gave her go-ahead. As the time passed, Surekha started finding flaws in the house and would rue the fact that she must have been present when her husband decided to buy their “dream” home; this was way far from her dream.
You are the best judge of everything when it comes to your family

You are a housewife and may not be able to support your spouse financially in the house purchase. However, your rights – legally speaking – on the property are equal and this is the very reason you must have a say when he decides to buy a house. You are a homemaker and also the one who would be spending most of your day at home. The house should be such that it offers you all the comfort. Your kitchen, for instance, is your workshop, and your husband or other family members may not be able to understand your requirements the way you do. Maybe you want a common living and dining area for you to enjoy your meal better while watching your favourite TV show in the afternoon. That is the only time you have for yourself; the rest is spent in getting your little one ready for school, feeding him, playing with him, etc.
You have your preferences

Even if a “once-in-a lifetime opportunity” knocks, you don't have to open the door without understanding the nature of it. While there is no doubt that our home-purchase decisions are mostly influenced by the money factor — as far as a common man is concerned, this is the biggest purchase of his life — there is certainly more to it. Why not try to strike a balance between the two? You are a mother and want good schools in the vicinity. Now, there are no good schools around 10 kilometres of the home that your husband booked. No doubt it came cheap. Maybe by waiting for a couple of years more while working on your savings could have helped you afford a house with a better social infrastructure.
You are more than a homemaker

As a homemaker, you must engage yourself in recreational activities for personal growth and make sure your new home will allow you to do so. Why not join a cookery class to improve your skills in that area? Who knows you could be the next popular baker in your area? Why not join a dance class? You loved to groove as a girl. This will also help you lose some of the unwanted weight you have gained over the years. In a faraway locality where your house is, you may not be able to do it even if you wanted. You should have known better when your husband told you that this is a short-term stay. It has been 15 years and the chances of you being able to buy a new house are pretty sleek.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 17 2018

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