Brokers Corner: How To Write An Email Signature

Brokers Corner: How To Write An Email Signature

Brokers Corner: How To Write An Email Signature

Email etiquettes are one of the important things for success in the business world. Accept it or not, email etiquettes define your professionalism and the way you want your clients to assume you. Ignoring it would simply highlight your casual attitude towards your profession as well as your organisation.

Similarly, when it comes to real estate, people tend to trust those who are able to communicate well. Property brokers who communicate well and demonstrate good email etiquettes leave a lasting impression on their clients' minds and are preferred to others.

Before you write an email, it is important to develop a well-structured, meaningful and nicely-designed signature. Your email signature is not only your name and title but a part of your personal branding. A professional email signature aims to catch the attention of the reader in a positive way. It evokes the urge to respond and associate.

Let us discuss some tips that can help you put an email signature like a pro.


The first element, needless to mention, is information about you i.e. your name and title in your company, your contact information, along with the name of your company. However, you should also take note that the information you put is pleasing to eyes. That means you must use good font faces, typography, colours and icons with consistent line spacing.

Your email signature should be error-free, and there should not be any spelling or grammatical errors.  


A logo is an important part of your email signature. In fact, it is one element that defines your association with the organisation. However, do take care of its size. It should look appropriate and complement your signature.

Make sure that the image file is not distorted and at the same time, you should not put a heavy, hi-resolution version of the logo that unnecessarily increases the size of your email. You have to strike a balance and use optimised image formats such as PNG or GIF.  You can also use free online tools available for optimising images without compromising on quality and visibility.

Social links

Use this element sparingly and only when you feel it is going to create a good impression. You do not want to lose a potential client with regret that you were unable to display your authenticity in your field. Neither do you wanted to show your social media pages if they are not updated on a regular basis. So, use only those links that showcase you as an expert.

Another catch is, do not put every social link under your email signature. Use only those that are important from a client's point of view. For instance, you can use your social media page that has the highest number of followers and positive feedback from your clients.

The writing

When you have accomplished a lot, you might feel like sharing it in your emails with the clients. Definitely, you should share your awards and accolades if it is worth sharing and won't take most of your signature space unnecessarily. Simply put, your email signature should not be too big. If you are sharing links, shorten them on bitly.com so that it looks neat. Also do not share your achievements in every consecutive mail. Reserve them for only introductory communications.

In fact, you can have two-three versions of your signature. The first one could be descriptive one and the following emails could have a short signature having the necessary contact details.

A simple rule is: keep your signature professional and as simple as possible. Avoid unnecessary filling, still do provide what your clients need to know.  Writing a pro signature is a skill. You can develop it with little patience.

Last Updated: Sat Feb 17 2018

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