Brokers Corner: How To Use Landing Page To Generate Leads

Brokers Corner: How To Use Landing Page To Generate Leads

Brokers Corner: How To Use Landing Page To Generate Leads

It is no less than a challenge to thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment. It is getting confusing for the real estate marketers to understand which way to go to generate more leads, both in terms of volume and quality.

Online marketing is dominating almost every industry today, and it holds enormous potential for real estate industry as well. It's high time now that real estate marketers understood and used the online resources available to them to get the most out of it. Most of the time, having only a website is deemed to be the way to maintain an online presence. However, it is not only about the website. There is more to it.

One of the potential ways to make your online presence more effective is to create a power-packed landing page. If your target consumer hits the right kind of landing page, it will not take much time to convert and close the deal. Here we are going to discuss some tips that will help you to create a right kind of landing page. Before that, let us understand what landing page is and why it is important to use it as one of your marketing tool.

What is a landing page?

For a property broker, a landing page is a sales funnel to drive visitors towards a certain goal. You can create numerous landing pages, keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of your prospective clients.

The online world is awash with advertisements for property buying and selling. When the target consumer hits one of them, he is directed to a page that may or may not be linked to any website, but, it contains certain call-to-action buttons that evoke the consumer to either get through the funnel.

Along with call-to-action buttons, this page contains specific information about the property the consumer is interested in. No other information or link is given on the page which keeps consumer's focus intact.

Why landing page plays an important role in online marketing?

A landing page allows you to communicate with the target consumer i.e. the buyer or the seller. It is a page that targets a specific group of your potential clients. Your potential clients can be buyers in particular area, sellers of flats, buyers of commercial property, etc. However, when you create a landing page, you do not want to cater to all of your potential clients. You would create the page with key information for a particular area so that target group gets relevant information and they make a decision.

Tips to create a power packed landing page

Good headline: This is the first thing the visitor would see after landing on a webpage. The head should be catchy enough to hold the interest of the reader. It is mainly due to the headline the visitor decides whether the content ahead is going to be relevant for him or not.

Provide a value in exchange: A visitor expects value in the form of information. You can indeed create value for your landing page visitors by giving them stuff such as free ebooks, complimentary home evaluation reports, insights on the market, etc. You could offer anything that the customer may find useful. You have to motivate your visitor to fill up a contact form or get in touch with you in some or the other way.  

Avoid asking unnecessary information: When you promise to provide value to your visitors, you can deliver it through an email. Online audience is intelligent and clever than ever before. Asking unnecessary information might make them cautious and they may bounce from your page.

Last Updated: Thu Feb 22 2018

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