Broker's Corner: How To Sell A Property Fast?

Broker's Corner: How To Sell A Property Fast?

Broker's Corner: How To Sell A Property Fast?

Want to help your clients sell property fast? Go online. Now, that's no-brainer. With digital modes going immensely popular, everyone knows that going online is not a choice but a necessity.

At the same time, you will realise that when everyone is going after digital media to sell a property, it is not easy to get the right kind of visibility. It is an increasingly cluttered space and you have to develop some strategies in order to be successful. Here's what you can do to sell property fast.

Register with high-quality online property listing sites

You may be having a huge network or a database of property buyers, but getting a property live on a listings site opens windows of opportunities you never know.

If you post details on credible property listing sites like Makaan or PropTiger, it gives you visibility before people who are searching for properties – and that's your target group. Most times, buyers have the option to filter properties as per their specifications and preferences, and therefore your chances of getting qualified leads are much brighter.

It saves a lot of time as you don't have to deal with enquiries that are irrelevant. You get synthesised results and you can close the deal faster.

While posting an ad on property listing sites will give you a head start, you still need to attract people to contact you. How to do that?

Take great photographs for property advertisement

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you visit any property listing sites, you will find that many sellers post low-quality photographs. If it is an external view, the photograph should present a full view of the external façade from 2-3 sides i.e. front, left corner and right corner.

When you showcase the inside view of the property, make sure that a picture is clicked from a corner perspective. This will cover the maximum space and a buyer a better idea of the property.

Do not just put random photos. Put at least one photograph of the entrance lobby, living room, kitchen, all the rooms and washrooms.

It is a good idea to put photographs of major facilities available near the house. Similarly, if a property is located inside a project having clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, kids' play area, etc. then why not to showcase that? All these features help sell property in a much faster way and give a visitor on property listings site reasons to contact you.

Provide a virtual tour

If you really want to up the game and score over your competitors, go for a virtual tour of a property. No, we are not talking about developing a 3D virtual tour of each and every property. That's expensive.

You can go for it if the real estate developer has developed the 3D virtual tour. If not, then you can create a brief video of the property from mobile handset capable to create good-quality videos. Just put 20-30 seconds of intro and that will provide your online property advertisement an edge.

Last Updated: Mon Nov 21 2022

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