Brokers Corner: How To Handle Negative Online Reviews?

Brokers Corner: How To Handle Negative Online Reviews?

Brokers Corner: How To Handle Negative Online Reviews?

Establishing real estate business needs commitment. Once you are done with creating a dedicated website and official pages on all major social media platforms, it's time to get into action. You need to be dedicated enough to update your website regularly with new information and insights, along with posting on your social media walls to rev up your online presence. You would soon find followers pouring in and commenting on your posts. Likes and dislikes will be a part and parcel of your daily routine. One more aspect you need to keep watch on is negative reviews on your page.

How do you handle that?

You might find negative reviews annoying and initially you might ignore them. An increasing number of negative comments might test your patience. Consequently, you may end up bursting your frustration while replying to some of them.

That's where you make a mistake. First of all, you cannot afford to ignore any negative review. It damages your brand. Keep calm and have patience. The individual on the other side might have used your company's services and commented that way because he is disappointed for some reasons. You better not comment on it the way he has done it. Take it as a challenge and show them that you care for your customers. Following are the ways that can help you to re-build your relationship with your clients:

Never ignore and be empathetic

As your business grows, you have to deal with numerous clients and there are all the chances that they don't get the kind of personal touch they needed. Real estate business is the one that grows through networking with people. And successful networking can only happen if there is a personal connect. When a negative review is posted on your page, your ignorance simply indicates your ignorant attitude. Do not let that happen. Respond as an individual and not as a company. Be empathetic towards the comment and resolve the concerns as soon as possible.

Open communication channels

Ask the person to contact you through email. If possible, provide your contact number or connect with the customer directly to resolve the complaint.

Apologise, if needed

Businesses are run by human beings. Mistakes can happen and there is no harm in apologising. Expressing regret should be your first step towards resolving the issue. It will calm down the other person's emotional outburst and you will get an opportunity to reconcile.

The next step should be to make the complainant feel free to suggest. This way you can win back their confidence and get the opportunity to serve them again.

Avoid impulsive response

Never respond immediately. Take time to think over and find the right way to solve the issue. Start working immediately on resolution and update the client about the same. This way you can make him feel that he is being heard and his issue will be resolved soon.

What, if it is fake?

If you find that the complaint is fake and somebody is trying to tarnish your brand image purposefully, take this as an opportunity and show that you can handle it well by being compassionate. You should empathise and let the culprit fall back on face.

Brands are not built in a day. It takes time and dedication to nurture them. Always remember the way you respond to negative comments will reflect how your company deals with clients. Therefore, respond in the way that reflects your company's ethos.

Last Updated: Fri Dec 08 2017

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