Brokers Corner: How To Enhance Profitability With More Favorable Clientele

Brokers Corner: How To Enhance Profitability With More Favorable Clientele

Brokers Corner: How To Enhance Profitability With More Favorable Clientele

Like any other business, real estate brokerage companies also have a certain type of clientele which works the best for them. It is vital for a property broker to identify those top clients and leverage those attributes to take their businesses to the next level of growth.

Here's how to go about it.  


The initial step is to sort out the clients with whom you had the best experience. To do that, go through the CRM (customer relationship management) of previous clients to choose your top clients ever and list out their names.


After completing transactions with your clients, do you analyse them? Were they fun and easy to deal with? Were they punctual in returning the paperwork? In case of any problem, were they sensible to deal with? Are they in touch with you and happy to get offers from you? Just write down all such options.


After that, you need to list the key transactions as well as demographic factors. It consists of the area as well as price range at which they were purchased, the kind of home or neighbourhood and the other main factors about the lifestyle. In addition, note down the clients' age, profession, marital status, children, pets, hobbies, preferred charities, etc.  All such information will help you in connecting the dots, and get more such clients in your portfolio.


Find out the various patterns through which you got your top clients. Was there any specific period you got those clients? What was the source of those leads? What were the key differentiators of the property that attracted those clients?  The answers to these questions will help you in finding out how you can get more such clients.


The law of attraction works. The top secret about attracting your top client is having clarity about your requirements. Steps given before offer you two different profile sets about what does as well as what doesn't make for a perfect client for you. You can use each and every list to make your ideal client profile. The initial listing already has positives from the top clients. Just make a listing of all these positives. Just be definite with your infinite.

Your list of 'nightmare' clients also provides good information, but you have to reframe that in a positive manner. This tactic works best in case you want to avoid some certain types of clients who you feel are a waste of time and resources, and do not result in profitability.


The last step in the process is to undergo your top client profiles and place different checkmarks with every characteristic, which also indicates who you actually are. All the unchecked listings represent the aspects where increasing your standards will help you get more top clients.

Last Updated: Thu Dec 21 2017

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