Broker's Corner: Connect With Clients To Revive Dead Leads

Broker's Corner: Connect With Clients To Revive Dead Leads

Broker's Corner: Connect With Clients To Revive Dead Leads

Your online listings website partner may provide you with a substantial number of leads every day but that is the beginning of the story. You have to keep the lead warm and get it through to successful closure. Many times, you and your team may skip on potential leads while pursuing a set of other leads. This means you would be missing on business and this can impede your plans to grow your property brokerage business.

What to do then? There are several ways through which you can keep track of the leads which were not followed up. Implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may be helpful. It can help you in reviewing the situation but how will you keep the leads warm? Here's a potential way- through text messages or SMS.

We are not talking about bulk SMSs that end up as spams. We are talking about personalised, targeted SMS campaigns to inbound leads that can revive dying leads and raise your odds of winning more deals that could otherwise be missed out.

If you are perplexed about how to draft such SMSs, here are some quick scripts that can breathe life back into a major part of your database. You may also opt for WhatsApp if the list is not too large, and embed this text with nice photographs of properties on sale.

Hitting on specific days

As you know, weekends are the best days for your business; that holds true for your SMS campaign as well. You can shoot an SMS such as:

Happy Friday! We spoke about a few housing projects of late. Did you want to visit any of them? There are few more options matching your aspirations, just let me know if it suits you. – Amit Tripathi w/ ABCD Properties   

New offers/hot deals

Your message should always create value for the recipient, motivating him to connect with you in some way. Sharing new offers in this way may help:

Hi! Are you still looking for your dream home in Noida? We have compiled a list of some amazing offers available till March 31, 2018. Do let me know, I will be happy to connect back with you. – Shyam Gupta, XYZ Real Estate

Useful tips on homebuying

Morning! I am delighted to share our latest blog sharing 7 handy tips for home buyers in Gurgaon. Hope you would find it useful. Check out (the link to the article/blog) - Animesh Sahu, 1234 Property Brokers

The blog page linked to this message could have a 'Contact Us' form at a prominent place, inviting visitors to touch base with you for feedback, comments and request for any assistance with property buying.

Apologetic attempt

Greetings! Are you still looking for a home? I wanted to ensure you are being taken care of, so please let me know if I can assist you. – Sanath

These are the messages that just indicate how an SMS could help you revive leads that may have gone into a cold bag. In the end, it is all about grabbing attention and striking a chord with a potential client.     

Last Updated: Fri Dec 08 2017

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