Broker's Corner: 7 Tips To Make The Most Of A Real Estate Conference

Broker's Corner: 7 Tips To Make The Most Of A Real Estate Conference

Broker's Corner: 7 Tips To Make The Most Of A Real Estate Conference

Industry events and conferences make for a great source of knowledge and information about the latest trends and happenings in a sector. A dynamic sector like real estate, attending some signature conferences on a regular basis can be beneficial for all the stakeholders, especially brokers. For a broker, a conference can help enhance his understanding of the business dynamics at both micro and macro levels. At the same time, you get an opportunity to network with industry leaders and peers.

However, at times, a number of property brokers do acknowledge the significance of such events but are unaware of how to make the most of it.

Here is a quick roundup for all the property brokers of what they should factor-in when it comes to attending a real estate conference:

*Plan your travel early: If you are going to attend an outstation conference, plan your travel at least two to three weeks ahead. Try to stay in the same hotel where the event is going to be held. This can save you commute time which can be utilised in other productive pursuits.

*Pack the must-haves: Do not forget to pack your business cards and company brochures to the event. Keep a sufficient number of cards and all other marketing materials you intend to share with other delegates during a conference.

*Set your goals: Conferences provide you with an opportunity to meet people from various organisations under one roof. But you may not be able to meet all of them. The event website can give you a flavour of the companies participating allowing you to set your goals of meeting their representatives at the event.

For instance, if you get to know that there will be representatives of real estate developers you want to work with, make sure you fix a meeting with them beforehand and meet them at the designated time during the event. 

*Ask meaningful questions: Conferences has plenty of discussions and presentations, and all these sessions are followed by a question-and-answer round. That's an opportunity for you to pose questions that you think are relevant for your business. You can ask meaningful questions and introduce yourself and your company as well. This way you can do a brand-building activity, too.

*Leverage social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, all these platforms can be leveraged to gain visibility before the right people. You can announce your plans to attend the event and post live updates with photographs once you are there. These days, most event organisers are active on social media. Tag them in your posts, it can give you some more advantages. They might like, share and retweet your updates and that way you will be able to reach out to their follower base.

*Avoid sales pitch: Remember that conferences are primarily meant for knowledge-sharing and networking. It is better to avoid sales pitches while you meet other delegates. Have meaningful conversations with relevant people who can help in achieving your business goals. Treat the event as a relationship building exercise. This approach may present you unexpected opportunities in the future.

*Recap and follow-up: Enrich your CRM database with the contacts you acquired from the conference. Send them a thank you note and exchange some useful notes depending on the level of connection you strike with the recipients. Social media can be another way to stay in touch with them.

In the end, your network is your net worth.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 21 2017

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