Brokers' Corner: 5 Tips To Handle Tough Buyers

Brokers' Corner: 5 Tips To Handle Tough Buyers

Brokers' Corner: 5 Tips To Handle Tough Buyers

While a lot has been talked about the crucial traits that brokers or property agents must possess, the most common challenge they face is of dealing with tough clients or buyers. Such buyers can make the complete home buying process intimidating. Being bound by a professional code of ethics often makes it difficult for brokers to handle tough buyers. Here are some handy tips to help brokers effectively deal with such buyers:

Personal touch

Potential buyers may be highly demanding and displaying a little empathy goes a long way in making a smooth deal. On the contrary, some difficult customers must be dealt in a smart way. A broker must have the expertise to strike a balance between being professional and over-friendly.

Knowledge helps

Difficult buyers are known to be critical about small details. Being aware of the latest market trends facilitates quality discussions as well as ensures positive development in the deal.

Use intermediaries

When matters go out of hand, it becomes logical to opt for mediators or third parties who can bridge the crucial gap towards healthy communication.

Active listening and problem-solving

Residential real estate transactions are confidential and complex, thereby giving scope for a series of conflicts. It is, thus, essential to overlook the negative attributes of buyers and to diligently focus on meeting their specific home buying needs.

Sacrificing smaller goals for larger ones

This is a business move and making a counteroffer is an excellent strategy. When the buyers' demand soar to unreasonable limits, then countering them with better offers and making small concessions will help in realising the primary objective of selling a home.   

Last Updated: Fri Nov 18 2016

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