Brokers Corner: 5 Things You Must Do While Creating Marketing Videos

Brokers Corner: 5 Things You Must Do While Creating Marketing Videos

Brokers Corner: 5 Things You Must Do While Creating Marketing Videos

As a fast-growing property broker, you just can't ignore the power of video-based marketing. Why? YouTube is the second largest site in the world, after Google, in terms of traffic, and a large chunk of this traffic comes from India. That simply shows the popularity of videos.

YouTube is having over 1 billion users who spend billions of hours watching videos daily in more than 75 different languages. Over 50 per cent of the YouTube viewers use a mobile device to watch the videos. So, videos are a simple way of reaching viewers up and about.

With easy availability of smartphones, video creation has become easier than ever. Though, even with the available tools, it's not easy to create a perfect video. Do you know why? There are some hurdles that people need to overcome when it comes to video creation.

Here are the five things you should bear in mind while creating a video:

How to look in the camera

It's the single biggest point while creating a video. When you observe how you look in the camera, the remaining process will become much easier. There are chances that you will feel uncomfortable in front of the camera – that's quite normal. Even the finest actors in the world take cuts before delivering that perfect shot.  Being comfortable on camera actually comes from practicing. Start filming yourself, and talk about something that you're comfortable with.  Once you go through this phase, show the video to a colleague or a friend and ask to a give honest feedback.

How to format the Video

There are many options accessible to property brokers when it comes to creating videos – from the interactive 3D-video tours, virtual reality videos to conventional video formats.  You need to look at different options available there with their pros and cons, with complete insights from the experts.

With the evolution of video technology, property brokers today are creating 3D digital rendering of the unfinished homes as well as sending the drones to shoot the spectacular scenery surrounding the high-end listings. Some great tech-savvy property brokers have taken things to another level by incorporating the VR (Virtual Reality) as well as AR (Augmented Reality) videos into the toolsets. Any VR tour using the technologies such as Oculus VR could take the potential buyers in the home from anyplace in the world.  As a beginner, you should start with conventional videos.

How to choose the equipment

Thanks to high-resolution phones and falling prices of cameras, you don't require much equipment for creating a video. In fact, your smartphone is more than enough for making as well as editing a video. It's recommended to have a tripod and a selfie stick for your smartphone. All these are fairly inexpensive, and can help you in developing good videos.

How to develop the right content

Do you have considerable experience and expertise in some particular segment of real estate? Highlight it. For example, if you know more on buying or selling in a particular area of a city, it's your advantage; leverage on it.

How to encourage interactivity

Your videos should interact with the potential homebuyers and encourage them to ask you questions. This is how you will be able to generate leads to grow your business.  Our forthcoming article on video marketing will put forth a number of points on how you can do so. Stay tuned!

Last Updated: Tue Jan 16 2018

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