Broker's Corner: 4 Ways To Make Your Videos Click In Market

Broker's Corner: 4 Ways To Make Your Videos Click In Market

Broker's Corner: 4 Ways To Make Your Videos Click In Market

Today, YouTube is the second-most visited site in the world after Google. That speaks volumes about the level of popularity videos enjoy. Of late, you must have noticed how nearly all the major social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have introduced video-related functionalities.

As a competitive property broker, you must keep pace with this trend. This will help you in taking your sales and marketing efforts to the next level and engage your client base more productively.

Although most of you acknowledge the significance of videos in your businesses, a number of property brokers find it difficult to develop the content. So, here we give you some ideas to set the ball rolling.

Market round-up

This type of video presents an opportunity to educate your client base about the prospects of buying property in the areas you operate. At the same time, you are able to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge about the local market.

The video could cover infrastructural developments, new projects launched in the area, updates on the progress made by the ongoing project, the pricing scenario and information related to public transportation, shopping centers, events, etc.

Even if you release one such video in a month, it will result in a library of 12 videos in a year. That can give you a head start with this initiative.

Home-buying tips

This video can be a great tool for your prospective clients. In fact, you can reach a much wider audience on the Internet through this kind of a subject.

As you know, there are different types of homes: apartments, penthouses, condominiums, builder floors, villas, bungalows, etc. There can be a series of videos on each of these segments.

Then, there is another aspect of home buying that relies on the nature of aspiration: first home, second home, holiday home, retirement home, etc. It could be a four-five minutes video, covering all such subjects in a crisp manner.

Home-improvement tips

This is an evergreen topic. If you come up meaningful tips and insights on how people can improve their homes, you can get millions of views on your videos. Imagine the kind of branding such videos can create for you!

You can also get in some experts to share their knowledge and experience with the audience. As the time progress, you can think of covering your costs and generating some revenues by raising advertisements from other companies which may get visibility before their target customer base through your videos.

That includes architects, interior decorators, vastu consultants, furniture shops, marble and granite suppliers, bathroom fittings vendors, etc.

Team-introduction videos

This is yet another way of connecting with a wider audience in an effective manner. Getting your team in front of your clients make them confident about your capabilities and resource base.

You can also highlight your team members' experience in handling property buying transactions and assisting clients through to the entire process of buying property.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 16 2018

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