Brokers' Corner: 4 Easy Steps To Get No-Cost Branding From Media

Brokers' Corner: 4 Easy Steps To Get No-Cost Branding From Media

Brokers' Corner: 4 Easy Steps To Get No-Cost Branding From Media

You may be doing a great job but the success of your business would depend on how many people know about this great work. The media could be instrumental in assisting you here. Be ready to make the most of the opportunity that media houses provide you.

  1. Understand the requirements of the editorial team

To better your chances of getting your article published by a media house, you have to create the message according to their briefing.

So, you have to do some research initially.

What kinds of stories they are running? How does their yearly calendar work? Who are their targeted audiences?

You can generally get these details with the advertising inquiries or requesting the media kits from any account executive.

In case, you are working at the bigger real estate or brokerage firm, just ask the marketing section if they are ready to share some exclusive data available with them.

So, to stay ahead in the competition, you need to give producers and reporters what they exactly want.

  1. Create interesting story angles

If you are suggesting something that has already been covered heavily, you are missing the track. You need to come out with angles no one has thought of. That will give you an opportunity to showcase your thought leadership.

In short, you need to create compelling story angles without leaving any doubts.

  1. Timing of sending a pitch is very important

While sending a real estate story pitch, the timing of when you are sending it is also very important.

Experts advise avoiding sending the pitch on either Fridays or Mondays. All the communications specialists agree that the timing when the offices start in the morning or during the lunch time in the afternoon are the ideal timings to send a pitch because people are free to check their mails during these timings.

These are the days editorial teams meet and decide on their weekly plans. If you get your story idea on their plates, they can discuss it at ease.

  1. Become a trusted industry specialist

Your name should always come first in the reporters' minds. Become a trusted industry resource by sharing some important market insights as well as providing actual data for the backup, on a regular basis.

Present your viewpoints on the new developments, emerging trends or future technologies and observe the importance of your capability come into life.

And, last but not the least, always be grateful. Because you would get amazed by knowing that how a plain thank you message, follow, like, tag, sharing or posting on the media outlet's social media networks can help you get your name on top of their mind.

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