Broker's Corner: 4 Inbound Marketing Techniques You Must Know Of

Broker's Corner: 4 Inbound Marketing Techniques You Must Know Of

Broker's Corner: 4 Inbound Marketing Techniques You Must Know Of

No one likes to receive a sales call. Still, there are thousands of brokers who follow the conventional cold-calling as a daily routine to keep the ball rolling. Though the success ratio always remains questionable, as brokers have become habitual to this marketing tactic.  

With the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) enforcing a National Do Not Call (NDNC) Registry, brokers need to ensure that their cold-calling tactic does not put their number on the block-list.

Cold-calling is anyway a laborious process. You call hundreds of people and hardly a handful may turn out to be leads and even fewer become your clients. Isn't that a waste of time, energy and money?

With digitalisation and advent of mobile applications, people can easily identify a spam number and block it instantly. Technology is fast changing the way brokers try to find leads from a tele-calling database, is not productive anymore.  

MakaaniQ talks about four inbound marketing tactics that score above cold calling and produce great results for your brokerage business.

What is inbound marketing?

As the name suggests, inbound marketing is all about generating qualified leads who contact you rather than you contacting them. The chances of conversion, in this case, are much higher as a person will contact you only when there is a genuine need to buy property.

These are the people who have passed through a funnel and are aware of your service offerings and capabilities. Now the biggest question is how to master inbound marketing? Read on to know the answers.

Property listings

If you are not present prominently on property listing websites, you are losing big opportunities. In fact, you are letting your competition take up those opportunities.  Property listing sites are a huge network of content, design and technology. They enjoy high brand visibility in the market and most property buyers tend to use their services, which are generally free of cost.

If you are part of these websites, your probability of appearing in front of prospective buyers is immensely high. Buyers can contact you directly and then you can take the process forward.

Email campaigns

You can develop a database of email IDs of people who have interest in buying property and then do an email blast through mass mail automation systems such as Mailchimp, SendinBlue, YMLP, etc.

However, for this purpose, you will have to work diligently to collect email IDs of relevant people otherwise you will face high rates of people opting out of your emailers. You can develop a database by putting email IDs collected through inquiries generated through property listing websites, your own company website, direct outdoor marketing or social media campaign.

SMS campaigns

This is yet another way to reach out to masses through passive mode. Although it is again a non-solicited method of contacting people.

Social media

Sharing high-quality information about properties available with you through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. can help generate inbound leads.

The success of all the above inbound marketing tactics rely on the way you present information. No matter how much effort and resources you put into these modes, if the content is not relevant for the targeted audience, they won't respond to you.

At the same time, once you develop the right mix of content and presentation, these platforms bring in tremendous rewards. Last but not the least; it is the game of consistency and patience.   

Last Updated: Wed Dec 29 2021

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