Broker's Corner: 3 Ways To Ensure Better Business In 2018

Broker's Corner: 3 Ways To Ensure Better Business In 2018

Broker's Corner: 3 Ways To Ensure Better Business In 2018

Ramesh Nair (name changed) has been a successful property broker. He was one of the first few property brokers, who anticipated the real estate boom in the millennium city of Gurgaon and started early on during 1990s. By 2005, he became a multi-millionaire with a number of prestigious projects under his belt.

It is not that he did not grow his business. He founded a private limited company and developed a team of over 15 people, with 10 employees dedicated for sales. The business, however, has not seen much growth in the past few years. His son Amritanshu Nair, who joined the business recently, is now thinking of restructuring the business to turn it profitable again.

Incidentally, Amritanshu came across a new-age marketing consultant, who assisted them in identifying the problem areas and implementing a turnaround plan. In a matter of a few months, their business restored the traction, and today they are planning to buy a larger office for their business.

That brings us to the point, what are some of the success mantras for an effective real estate business and how should you work towards it? Here are some tips:

Bank on property listing websites 

There was a time when brick-and-mortar businesses used to have their own ways to survive and thrive. Now, it is completely a different scenario. Property brokers have no choice but to use property-listing websites to get qualified leads.

Brokers not using these services or using it in a limited manner would lag sooner than later. Today, almost every homebuyer in an urban area goes to an online platform to research on localities, developers, projects and properties open for sale. This is how they come across property listing websites and try to retrieve more information about the properties they shortlisted. In the process, they submit their contact details, which are forwarded to the real estate brokers concerned, by property listing websites.  

Ensure digital presence

Not having a website is unacceptable. Even a basic website is not good. You need to have a great-looking website that reflects your brand image. No matter how good you are, if your website is poor, there are all the chances that a prospective client wouldn't even contact you.

The same goes for social media channels. Your official pages on major platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter need to be impeccable. Believe it, a strong digital presence can showcase even a small brokerage business as a large one. It all helps in building a brand image which can be leveraged to attract and win new clients.

Adopt technology and automation

Of course, you might not be going for classified advertisements in newspapers anymore and may be using email and SMS marketing. However, adopting technology is only the beginning; you need to automate in order to harness its true potential.

Instead of sending email and text messages one by one, you can use automation tools that can send thousands of emails and SMSs in a single shot. That way you can reach out a vast number of people and enhance your chances of getting inbound leads.

Last Updated: Tue Dec 12 2017

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