Brokers Corner: 3 Reasons Why You Need To Have Good Writing Skills

Brokers Corner: 3 Reasons Why You Need To Have Good Writing Skills

Brokers Corner: 3 Reasons Why You Need To Have Good Writing Skills

It is the power of pen that takes your brand name to places. There is no second thought about the critical significance of written communication in a world which is awash with opportunities for those who reach out to their target customer base in an effective manner.

Whether it is a routine email, a marketing brochure, a social media post or a website listing, writing is of key importance. If you still think that you can grow your business without focusing much on effective writing, here are the three prime reasons that would compel you to revisit your thoughts.

Opening up new opportunities

You may be having the gift of the gab, but, you can't be physically present everywhere. In a sector such as real estate, your customers are spread over a wide area. In fact, your customers may come from the foreign countries you never thought of. If you write well, you make a good impression, and it certainly enhances your chances to get more and bigger opportunities for your business.

A good writer always enjoys an upper-hand in terms of expressing his expertise before the people. People want to engage property brokers who are thought leaders in their industry those who have great knowledge about the real estate markets, coupled with client servicing skills. Naturally, good writers stand a better chance to service their clients in a more effective manner, and they can generate more leads, referrals and ultimately more business.

Boost to credibility

A nice, thoughtful piece of writing boosts your credibility in different ways. On the contrary, if your writing is poor and erroneous, your customer base may not take you seriously. They may even ignore you and make an image in their minds, irrespective of your skillsets, expertise and experience.

You may have noticed that people who write well command respect in the society. Authors, journalists, editors and copywriters are looked as credible, responsible people, all because of their writing skills.

Relationship building tool

Effective business writing skills can help you maintain healthy a relationship with your client base. You can draft some good personalised messages at important festivals and occasions and send it out to all of them in a few minutes through messaging applications. It is no alternative to a phone call but not many people like to receive calls from their property brokers during occasions, such as Deepawali or Eid, for instance. A simple, crisp line of an SMS with some good imagery can do the job for you.

Property brokers in India are traditionally looked as mediators mainly responsible for site visits and some documentation. However, there is much more to it. All it needs to educate the clients what all you can do for them and it indeed begins with effective business writing. 

Last Updated: Thu Feb 15 2018

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