Broker Mantra: 4 Ways To Get Positive Online Reviews

Broker Mantra: 4 Ways To Get Positive Online Reviews

Broker Mantra: 4 Ways To Get Positive Online Reviews

It was years ago that people use to look for properties in newspapers, move around localities and even find properties by word of mouth. But now a few clicks can get you numerous options at the comfort of your home. That's the power of the internet.

With the Internet, buying property has become transparent. In case your clients are happy or unhappy with your services, they can give reviews. This helps other buyers to know where to invest.

MakaaniQ shares some useful tips to encourage your best clients to shout your name on the web:

Let them know

Most times, property brokers don't tell the customers the problems they have resolved for them to keep them off the stress and paperwork. 

How will a client know what all efforts you put in? Let them know you did more than just arranging for a few site visits, did basic documentation and earn a huge commission. It is always better to let them know about all the issues you resolved for them. The idea is to give them reasons to be your advocate in the market.  

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Request for a quick online review

Once you make your client share all the efforts you put in for them, do not shy away from requesting them for an online review. You can draft an email or an SMS for such request with a hyperlink to the website where you want the client to publish a feedback.

For those who want to keep their anonymity, share that they can also post an anonymous review. You can also give your clients an option to rate your services on various parameters.

Get it done through a regular feedback form  

While this may sound simple, believe it most brokers do not perform this basic activity. No feedback is solicited after the transaction. It is like ending the story once the fee is credited to the account.

If this applies to you, too, it is time to put the process in order.

The best time to get the feedback form filled is when you hand over the documentation such as the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the Builder-Buyer Agreement (BBA) or the rent agreement.

Also, you must ensure that you have consent from your clients to use their comments about your services over online modes.

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An interesting video

Featuring your clients in a video can encourage them to put you in the best light. They will be able to highlight your best points and the whole exercise can get you positive results.

Shortlist your best deals that highlight your specialisations and areas of focus. Shoot the video with real clients and avoid hiring models and actors as your clients. The purpose is to showcase you as a real professional who delivers.

Last Updated: Tue Oct 10 2017

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