Benefits Of Living In A Low-Rise Building  

Benefits Of Living In A Low-Rise Building  

Benefits Of Living In A Low-Rise Building  
At a time when most pro-investment buyers are looking at smaller, compact prices at a corrected price, a higher FAR allows bigger homes but this may be difficult to move in the market.(Wikimedia)

You like the view from the top. This is the reason why you paid a premium to the developer to buy a house at the topmost floor of his project. Your friends also told you about the many other benefits you enjoy if you stay on the top — there is more privacy, the chances of rodents and insects hitting your home are minimal and you get plenty of the sun, the moon and the fresh air.

You got all dreamy-eyed but didn't heed to the advice your parents, who insisted that you buy a home either on the ground floor or the floor that is not too high. Maybe your parents did not explain this in a convincing way.

However, there are ample advantages if you buy a house in a low-rise building. 

In the times to come

Young as we are today, but old-age is certain. Biologically, swift motions and heights make us uneasy as we grow old. While we may like the privacy at the top floor better when we are young, we would certainly not like to be in an elevator many times in a day. You can just walk out as and when you like if you live in a low-rise building, where your movements do not necessarily have to be elevator-controlled.

In case of an emergency…

Imagine what would happen if a fire accident hits the 12-floor building you live in. Despite the safety measures that such buildings are expected to keep in place, the truth remains that a tall building houses more people and the panic rate in case of a crisis would be much higher, evacuation would be much difficult and controlling the situation would not be an easy task. In case of a crisis, it is easier to evacuate a smaller building. 

When nature forces

More light, shine and wind into you home also means warmer, damper and colder conditions. You may have to spend a significant amount every month to maintain the normal temperature at your dream abode. A low-rise home will also enjoy moderate weather conditions.

The social animal

We do like our privacy, all right. But, don't we want to have friends in the building complex? What if we need their help in case of an emergency? Isn't this the place where you and your family will be, in all likelihood, spending your lifetime? We are a social animal at the end of the day and we do need company at all times to be able to enjoy our privacy.


Last Updated: Thu Oct 20 2016

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