Avoid Falling For These Home-Selling Myths

Avoid Falling For These Home-Selling Myths

Avoid Falling For These Home-Selling Myths

Selling a home? You must have been advised by other sellers or read online about certain things about home selling. While these are told as a hard truth, many are just a myth. Ready to sell your property? MakaaniQ shares six home-selling myths you should stop believing:

Myth 1: The price you set is right

The price a seller sets may not always be right. While you think your property is worth a sum but that could not be the case. The price of the property is defined by certain parameters including, circle rates, market rates, location, the age of the property, among others. Do not be under the impression that your property is going to fetch you huge money even before you begin to evaluate it. It will only lead you to disappointment.

Myth 2: Overpricing can help negotiate

A friend of yours sold a property and advised you to overprice your property if you want to fetch the desired price, in case the buyer negotiates. Do you think of it as a reasonable plan? It might just backfire. How? What if your property is priced higher than similar properties on sale in the vicinity? Your property will not be even noticed in the competition around, even if you are offering certain special facilities.

Myth 3: Quick offer. Is my property priced low?

Many think that if the property is sold soon as it goes up for sale it indicates that it is priced lower than it should be. This is a myth. If your property is sold as soon as it hits the market, you have hit the bull's eye by pricing it right.

Myth 4: It's okay to sell the property as it is

Selling a property without a home inspection could be a bad idea. Selling a property as it is can bring down the value of your property and certain discrepancies can even repel buyers. While you should not go out of the way and invest heavily in making the property saleable but ensuring that the basics including, fixtures, paint and other visible areas are well-maintained can do the work.

Myth 5: Your property is just right; it will sell itself

You must have been told this time and again by people around. Do not believe in all they say. A property cannot sell on its own. It is you as a seller along with your agent that will have to ensure that everything is in place to make the property saleable. So, what is important? Price of the property, listing on the leading sites, marketing pitch, photos, well-maintained and also, well-managed property visits, among other factors together ensure that the property is right and saleable.

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Last Updated: Mon Mar 13 2023

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