Are You A Broker? Know How To Win Over A Potential Buyer

Are You A Broker? Know How To Win Over A Potential Buyer

Are You A Broker? Know How To Win Over A Potential Buyer

Buying a home is a major investment that a family makes. It is never easy for a family to find a house that suits their needs. A real estate agent or broker can only see the home buyers at their best behaviour only when they have finally bought their new home and are ready to take possession. But before this stage comes, a real estate broker has to face them at their worst. This is the time when a real estate agent can extend a hand of friendship and play the role of counsellor. He has to ease away all the fears and apprehensions of the home buyer regarding the process involved in home buying. Every home buyer expects to get the best deal in the market. They want their broker to help them find the right home. They want help in negotiating the price and the terms of sale.  They also need to determine the selling price of comparable homes and finally assistance in completing the paperwork.

Here are some pointers that can help a broker win over a potential home buyer:

Be prompt

In the age of the internet, a home buyer can expect a reply from the broker within 15 -20 minutes. Apart from honesty and integrity, promptness is the key to happy buyers. A majority of the buyers tend to ignore the call and mail queries or tend to reply late to the queries.

Smart negotiations

The broker should be a smart negotiator. For the most part, the buyers are happy with their broker, but they are disappointed at one thing and that is the negotiating skills. As a broker, one needs to get the best deal for the buyers and should be able to manoeuvre through the tricky end of the negotiations. If the recent negotiations have failed then you should brush up on your negotiating skills.

Hire a help

Most home buyers want to see the pictures of the neighbourhood and the house itself. If photography is not the forte of the broker, then he should not take photographs himself, rather hire a professional to do the job.

Focus on your credentials

Apart from the reputation of the broker, the second most important factor is trustworthiness. Most of the consumers prefer searching for information about broker through the internet search. If they Google the broker and nothing comes up on the internet during the online search then it is possible that they would think that his is not a very established business. The real estate agents should have photos, interactive maps, virtual tours, detailed information about the properties on sale, real estate agent contact information and neighbourhood information on their website.

Be frank

Dodging a question about the property on sale or about the neighbourhood is never a solution to the problem. Also, he should never gloss over the answer. Questions about the kind of people living in the neighbourhood cannot be answered by the broker. He should have information about the demography, schools and crime in the area on his website.

Be motivating

A good broker should empathise, educate and encourage a home buyer. He will have to help out the home buyer by educating them by answering their queries about the price of the houses in the neighbourhood and assist them at every stage of buying process. Sometimes the buyer would just be confused about the simplest of the things which actually have a very simple solution. At such times the broker needs to be cool and understanding as this is a very big step for the buyer. He should encourage the buyer by validating their choice of house. Encourage them that they have made a good choice.

Be available

And lastly but most importantly, a responsible broker should never pull a disappearing act. It is the deal breaker and would make the buyer feel abandoned and confused. Most of the buyers need the assistance of the brokers during the entire house buying process. So even if the deal is not moving forward, or if a festival falls during the deal, he should make a social visit. This will add to your credibility.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 22 2016

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