A Seller's Perspective: How To Close A Real Estate Deal

A Seller's Perspective: How To Close A Real Estate Deal

A Seller's Perspective: How To Close A Real Estate Deal

As a seller of a property, you might have found yourself at crossroads, confronted with a host of options to make the journey from listing to closing a successful one. However, the process of finalising a real estate deal, especially in the case of a residential property, might seem daunting and may take an unexpected turn if certain rules are not adhered to.

MakaaniQ presents a strategic approach to a smooth closure of a realty deal.

Perform due diligence

Timely due diligence will be a decisive factor when finalising a real estate deal. This covers business and legal reviews, lease reviews, tenant interviews as well as aspects pertaining to service contracts and warranties.

Avoid critical mistakes

Delays are one of the major roadblocks in the path of a successful deal. Lengthy legal processes, time taken in property inspections or refurbishing works are usually the major causes which turn off the homebuyers. Buyers are often in a hurry and will not spare their precious months in just waiting for taking charge of the property. Hence these delays must be cautiously taken care of.

Follow best industry practices

Some best sales practices, when followed diligently from the beginning, can help in attaining a fruitful result. Ensure the property is ready and in top condition before you put it on the market. Be prepared with the required documents, and seek the guidance of a competent legal professional, particularly a real estate attorney, to avoid any bottleneck.

Negotiating effectively

Negotiation is one of the critical stages of finalising the deal and thus, requires a thoughtful and goal-driven approach. An agent must view the entire deal from the buyer's eyes. Home financing and loan issues must be a priority as this might be instrumental in making or breaking the deal. Furthermore, a well-priced property will facilitate quick closure.

Last Updated: Thu Sep 29 2016

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