A Journey From A Broker To An Advisor

A Journey From A Broker To An Advisor

A Journey From A Broker To An Advisor

 Want to boost sales and take your real estate brokerage business to new heights? You have to become an advisor to your clients. While home-buying is seen as a long and an overwhelming journey for a homebuyer especially if it is his first purchase, it should not just be about selling a property for you.

A continuous participation in the client's lifetime decision of buying a dream home can not only boost your business but also speed up the buying process and better conversion rates.

MakaaniQ gives brokers three quick tips to serve the clients as a real estate advisor:

Create your personal brand

Are you listed on online portals or use social media to promote services and also, details about availability of property, nearby facilities, prices, offers/discounts?

Every broker is doing the same. So, how are you different? Being a part of a trend will make you just another option for a buyer which he might or might not contact. A prospective client in the market is a lead for dozens of brokers, being flooded with calls, messages and emails, thinning your chances of being his advisor.

What can you do? You could either -- solve their problems or help them achieve their goals.

Offer them the right solution and they will remember you distinctly. Similarly, when you demonstrate understanding towards their goals and suggest a potential option, they will appreciate your approach. Don't try to sell in the first call or meeting, just offer advice, based on your experience and expertise.

Understand client's needs, requirements and aspirations

Before talking about property options, spend some time to understand the needs, requirements and aspirations of the homebuyer. You can create a simple questionnaire and request the homebuyer to fill that out. The form should be aimed to derive the following information apart from general contact details:

  • Office address (so that you can find nearby housing projects)
  • School/College of their children (for the same reason, as mentioned above)
  • Minimum to maximum budget range
  • Common area preferences: in-campus club, swimming pool, shopping center, etc.
  • Private area preferences: number of rooms, floor, corner, park-facing, pool-facing, etc.

Offer end-to-end solution

When you move a step ahead from just being a broker to a real estate advisor, your role grows exponentially. Every property deal that you close opens new opportunities for you.

A closed deal proves that the client trusts you. It is much easier for you to offer them more solutions which they anyway need in their home-buying journey. They will require home loan, interior decoration, furniture, packers and movers, etc. Being in this industry, you can create a database of all such service providers and share it with the homebuyer.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 25 2017

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