Tips To Increase Resale Value Of Your Property Instantly

Tips To Increase Resale Value Of Your Property Instantly

Tips To Increase Resale Value Of Your Property Instantly

If you are planning to put your house on the market for resale, there are certain changes you should consider to increase the value of your property instantly. MakaanIQ gives tips that will help you fetch a good price for your resale property:

 Reframe the front door

However clichéd it may sound, the first impression is the last impression. People tend to make up their mind about it in the first few seconds of entering a house. Reframe or revamp the front door area to make that first impression.

Paint well

Once you have decided to put your house up for sale, give the walls a fresh layer of paint. Walls with peeled paint or seepage stains could be a put-off, and it may bring down the value of your property. Do not go overboard in choosing the types of paints. Invest in a good but affordable option in neutral shades.

Fix the basics

A complete makeover could be heavy on your pocket. So, consider fixing the basics. For instance, install a new toilet seat and a pedestal sink that would make a difference to the way your bathroom looks. For the kitchen, ensure you remove rust stains, repair the plumbing leaks, put an exhaust fan and check for creaky windows.

Fix the flooring

Flooring is another important aspect that a buyer considers in a resale property. If your house has a tile flooring, check for cracks and get them repaired. Or, if planning to give the property a new flooring, invest in vinyl tile flooring, a not-so-heavy-on-the-pocket option.

Light it up

Proper lighting could not just brighten the home but also accentuate the right areas of your home. Make sure the home is a perfect mix of natural and fixture light. Every corner of the house should be visible through natural lights. Fix recessed lights to allow focus on the right areas. If possible, put an eye-catching chandelier in the living or the dining area.

Let the air flow

The house should be well-ventilated with enough windows. In case the property has few windows, consider adding two or three more. Also, consider exhaust fans in areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom for mechanical ventilation.

Make it secure

The house should have reliable security systems as this is one of the prerequisites a buyer keeps in mind when looking for a property. Do not restrict security only to the front door. Ensure that each room has a knob lock or lever handle lock. Deadbolt locks can serve a better security system for the front door. Additionally, you could install a video or phone-door lock, along with a CCTV security system.

Keep the pests away

Make sure your house is a pest-proof property. One of the most common problems that Indian homes face due to a humid climate is the attack of pests. Making use of a regular professional pest control service is a must. 

Last Updated: Fri Aug 25 2017

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