7 Things To Do Immediately When You Arrive At Your New Home

7 Things To Do Immediately When You Arrive At Your New Home

7 Things To Do Immediately When You Arrive At Your New Home

Shifting to a new house is a moment of excitement and celebration. After going through the challenging process of home buying, and packing up your belongings, it's time to welcome the new beginnings at the new residence.

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But, before you begin to plan your housewarming party, there are certain things you need to do immediately after you have reached your new abode. MakaaniQ lists seven such things to make your first few days smooth and stress-free:

Inspect your belongings

Check major appliances. It is possible that some appliances and electronics like stove, dishwasher, washer or dryer, could have faced damage during the move. Do a thorough check to ensure they are working fine. Maintain an inventory list to track if all things have been transported safely, check all the boxes and furniture and have the house floor plan handy to know where to easily decide what goes where.

Get the house deep cleaned

Usually, most properties are given a professional clean before the previous owners or tenants move out. But, sometimes apartments remain vacant for an extended time-period and unpacking, too, creates tons of garbage. Thus, this could require another round of cleaning for your dwelling. Hire professionals that specialise in deep cleaning. Also, before you settle in, give you home a complete pest control especially in areas prone to their infestation. This would include bathrooms, kitchen, cabinet areas and even garden if you have any.

Childproof your new home

Moving in with kids? It is important to childproof your home to ensure their safety and security. This includes identifying household hazards and their subsequent effective elimination.

Make the beds

For a good night's sleep after a tiring day of moving and settling in, unpack enough beddings for everyone. Take a restful sleep to rejuvenate yourself and prepare yourself for the next day for further unpacking and putting things in place. Follow the unpacking in an organised manner and bring out things that you would need urgently and that are a part of your routine. 

Get connected

Once you have unpacked the basics, take a break. Hit the street for a stroll and meet the new neighbours. If you are moving to a new city, you would also need to find new professionals like new dentist, new doctor or vet. Check out the local markets, restaurants, eateries and grocery stores in the vicinity to fulfill your daily needs. Unpacking the kitchen will take a while, so ordering a meal from the nearest restaurant would be a nice option.

Get your locks changed

It is wise to get the locks changed in the house shortly after moving. You could also opt for an automated lock system that ensures better security 24x7. Make sure all your family members have access to this lock system. 

Get an emergency kit

As a part of the safety move, get home all the emergency kits including first-aid, smoke alarm, and fire extinguisher. Also, identify emergency exits and formulate an escape plan out of the house during emergencies and make it known to each family member.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 11 2017

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