7 Things A Broker Should Always Keep Handy

7 Things A Broker Should Always Keep Handy

7 Things A Broker Should Always Keep Handy

Running from one appointment to other, real estate brokers have a busy day showing properties to potential home buyers. While on the run, there are certain things that a broker would need anytime during his busy schedule. So if you are a real estate broker, here is a list of things you should always keep in your car, your office on wheels, to keep away from the hassle of sourcing them at the end minute:


A smartphone is the 'lifeline' of a real estate broker. From communication to navigation and also, clicking photographs of the property, a smartphone is the it device with multiple functions packed in one. Here is what you can do using your smartphone:

  • You can make calls to your clients,
  • Show pictures of the property on your phone,
  • Take pictures of the property to show to the client,
  • With latest features showcase the property live to the client through a video call, and
  • Navigate to a new location.

Don't forget to keep a car charger or a power bank with you to keep the phone charged all the time.

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Measuring tape

This is a must-to-carry thing when going for property visits. All you see on a listing site is not what exactly you might find at the property site and this especially stands true for the size. The measuring tape will help you get the right numbers and forward it to your client. Thus, ensuring your credibility as well.

Printouts and property pictures

These come handy when going to make your first visit to the potential client. Printouts of the property specifications, brochures and pictures will help the client to get an overview and also, will be key in making the first impression and thus, influencing the buying decision. 

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Visiting card

What if you are going for a real estate conclave or fest that will have plenty of potential home buyers present? Keep a bundle of visiting cards. This way more and more potential home buyers can connect with you when they are ready to buy a property.

Newspapers & magazines

Not just keep them handy but also read them thoroughly. Read about real estate, related industries, developments and policies that may have a direct or indirect impact on the market or even a particular locality. A well-informed broker will help a home buyer make a calculated decision. Moreover, show some interesting information to the client and impress them with your knowledge, and who knows they might recommend you to another potential home buyer.


For quick calculations of expenses, payments, loan and even property area, a calculator is important. Know your math and let the calculator get you accurate numbers in no time. This way you can save time.


There could be times when you drive your client for a property visit or you take them around the locality after the visit, make sure your car is spic and span. A clean car is an impression you make on the client. So, in your car keep air freshener and small vacuum cleaner for quick clean up. Also, for your use, keep some gums and a spare pair of shoes too. 

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Last Updated: Tue Jul 24 2018

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