7 Décor Mistakes That Can Decrease Value Of Your Home

7 Décor Mistakes That Can Decrease Value Of Your Home

7 Décor Mistakes That Can Decrease Value Of Your Home

Decorating your home is fun and also speaks a lot about your design sensibilities. But, if you have bought a home, which you plan to sell in the future, you have to be extra careful about how you design it. What you love could put off your potential buyer and even impact the value of your home negatively.

MakaaniQ lists seven rookie décor mistakes that could cost you in the long run

Too bright on the outside


You wanted your home to look different, stand out among other homes in the locality so you went out and painted it in a bright colour. While you achieved your goal of being different, you also brought down the value of your home. Think about a potential buyer who doesn't like bright colours. The first thing he would want is redo the exterior, an additional cost for him. And, he would want to deduct that cost from the value of the property.

Landscaping way too much


Many of us love to have a garden of our home or landscape the entryway. While you plant trees make sure you think future and know whether or not they would enhance the exterior of your property. Unpruned or huge trees can put off the potential buyer and may bring down the value of your home.

Pool, maybe not


It said that swimming pools add to the value of your home. But, such is not the case always. While you invest heavily in getting a pool constructed and later spend a bomb maintaining it, there is no possible way that you could retrieve that cost when selling the property. Pool may, in fact, put off a potential home buyer as he would see maintaining it as an additional cost. This could possibly bring down the value of your property in case he is open to maintaining it or even plans on closing it completely.

Holding on to the old


Old appliances, old fixtures, or even old electricals can cost you and bring down the value of your property. No buyer would want to buy a property that is not upgraded. So, before you plan to sell your property, make sure you give it a decent makeover that makes it sale-ready.

It's all about details dreamstime_s_36807476

More than the larger picture a well-informed home buyer would look for details. They would bring along a home inspector who would look into the details including electrical wiring, working switches, plumbing, shaft, kitchen cabinets, appliances, chipping walls, among others. So, make sure that all these are well-maintained, renewed from time to time and even taken care of.

Every season a new one


So you love being trendy and keep on adding to your home what's in vogue? Think again. First, this could clutter your home in case you don't do away with the old things. Second, the home buyer may not like the new additions you just made. Make sure you keep your home simple and comfortable for it to attract the buyer. This also gives them the room to visualise the property the way they would want to make it in future. 

Small and nice? Nah!


It is a known fact that the bathroom and kitchen sell your home. A well-done kitchen and bathroom are a plus always and can even make the home buyer overlook small discrepancies. But, make sure you don't have a small kitchen or bathroom or they are not designed such that they look small. For instance, never put small tiles in a bathroom or kitchen that is already small. This will make the space look smaller. On the other hand, bigger tiles would open up the space and make the area look larger than it actually is. Also, don't go dark with colours, keep it light and minimal.

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Last Updated: Fri Mar 24 2017

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