6 Reasons You Should Buy A Luxury Home

6 Reasons You Should Buy A Luxury Home

6 Reasons You Should Buy A Luxury Home

Luxury homes are considered a good option for both investment as well as dwelling purpose. In India, the demand for luxury properties has seen a rise especially among high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and non-resident individuals (NRIs). Interestingly, this segment is also a choice of many first-time home buyers, too.

Wondering why people opt for luxury homes in India? MakaaniQ lists some reasons why it's the hottest trend in Indian real estate: 

Best investment

One of the first things Indians "invest" in is real estate, considering it is the best performing asset gaining value and offering good returns in the future. Luxury properties generally boost the value in real estate market; hence, are one of the best options to invest in. The multiplied returns in future has increased the demand for the luxury property.


When we say "luxury", it means classy, one-of-its-kind and grand. These homes are equipped with luxurious comfort and all modern amenities. The best of all amenities will be offered including transportation and connectivity, and excellent social infrastructure.

Advanced technology

Luxury not only ends at comfort, it is also 'smart'. The advanced technology features are common in luxury homes. Some projects offer tremendous technological innovations including solar generator and remote control window shutters and switchboards. These ultra-lavish homes are tech-friendly, too, to make your life easy and your living experience grand.

Super security

Living in luxury projects would mean you, your family and your belongings are far more safer and secure. Luxury projects have top-of-the-line security which includes both trained security personnel and high-security installations. Moreover, medical emergencies can be taken care of at the earliest due to the availability of hospitals or emergency rooms in or around the project.

Unique features

Luxury homes are aesthetically designed and are architectural marvels. The unique architecture features make them stand out among other projects. Moreover, such projects are recognised as landmarks of the locality they are situated in.

Status symbol

A luxury home is a symbol of status and prestige. People work hard and save more to buy a luxury home and deserve to get the status and reputation. Such houses announce your arrival rather than just being a postal address. It is due to the status factor that the segment falls under a niche market targeting wealthy and worthy people including corporate executives, high-profile businessmen, industrialists and celebrities.

Last Updated: Wed Jan 04 2017

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