6 Reasons Why Living On Top Floor Could Be A Great Idea

6 Reasons Why Living On Top Floor Could Be A Great Idea

6 Reasons Why Living On Top Floor Could Be A Great Idea

The floor, on which the property is located, is one of the key prerequisites that a home buyer lists when buying a home. While many home buyers prefer lower floors, but for those who wish to live luxuriously, the top floor could be a better choice.

Apart from being a luxurious option, MakaaniQ lists six more reasons why living on the top floor can be a great idea:


The top floors are the most peaceful away from the hustle and bustle, that is prominent when living on lower floors. You will not have to bear the noise from the neighbours above you or from the people passing by. The noise of the kids playing on the ground, loud traffic, honking, foot stomping or creaky floors; you will be away from all such noises.


The upper floor is known to get more fresh air and better ventilation when compared to the lower floors. Hence, it is always an added advantage to live on the top floor.


The top floors give you the best view of the city. Sitting on your balcony and enjoying the site of the city is always worth the while.


The top floor ensures privacy, isolated from the rest of your building. There would limited people accessing staircase, lobby and entry and exit of the building. When living on the top floor, it is likely that you will not face such hurdles and enjoy your privacy.


The upper floors are safer as compared to the lower floors. Due to the height of the floor and the window, there are fewer chances of break-ins and fear of theft.


The higher the floor, the more natural sunlight it receives. Natural light also means you can also save electricity consumption.  

Last Updated: Mon Jul 10 2017

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