6 Qualities You Should Look For In A Real Estate Agent

6 Qualities You Should Look For In A Real Estate Agent

6 Qualities You Should Look For In A Real Estate Agent

Behind hiring a property advisor is the motive to simplify the property-purchase process that can be quite tiresome for greenhorn buyers. But, how do you decided that you have picked the right person for the job?

MakaaniQ lists six qualities that you should look for when hiring a real estate advisor:

He knows it all

This is one of the most important skill sets a real estate agent should have. An agent should know everything about the localities he operates in. This includes the properties that are on sale, properties recently sold, market price, existing and upcoming infrastructure, etc. This information is a must because as a home buyer who is new to the locality or a seller who is selling his investment property, will not be aware of such details.

He has got connections

A good real estate agent will have connections with the right people. They could get you connected with the people that would help you during the home-buying or home-selling process, including home loan deals, lawyers for paperwork, etc.

He talks it out

A good real estate agent will have the right communication skills. He can be good at providing you with right and clear information without hiding anything. In fact, they would provide with the required information even before you ask for it. He ensures transparency while you are in the process of buying or selling a home.

He is persuasive

He knows the market rate and, hence, he would help in negotiating to have a successful sale or purchase. He would chalk out a strategy on offers and even counteroffers by using his market understanding.

He understands you

A good real estate agent will ask you key questions that will define what you need before the process of buying or selling begins. This conversation will bring clarity between the two and ease the process.

He adapts to changes

After the conversation on what your needs are, a good agent would adapt to them and work accordingly. Also, they will be willing to accommodate any changes if you may want to make during the process, given that the changes are not major.

While your agent helps you sail through the process, here are things that you should avoid as they may put the agent off

Last Updated: Sat Dec 24 2016

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