- Emerging Challenges for Future Cities

-09.30 a.m, September 14, 2012, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi-

The Real Estate sector is the second largest employer next only to agricultural and it has significant linkages with over 250 associated industries. With the increasing urbanization, Indian real estate industry has tot meet numerous challenges in the time to come. Our vision for the next decade is to see the Indian real estate industry as a far more strong, organized, and sustainable business. The industry has evolved quite well in the past few years, while also witnessing a period of recession, which rather provided an opportunity to retrospect, resurrect and consolidate.

The nature of population growth, personal and national incomes are the driving forces for all the industries. This invariably true for the real estate industry as well. Considering its young population, saving rates, and a magnanimous room for growth, most economists believes that India enjoys the fundamentals to keep its growth over 7-8% for several decades. The next 10 years will further witness a dramatic shift in the form of GDP composition and the other significant macro-economic indicators.

Nevertheless, the real estate industry cannot sustain growth in isolation. It requires supporting infrastructure, not merely related with transportation and logistics but also with water, healthcare and sanitation. Accordingly, with a view to discussing the long term strategy on the orderly growth of this sector, ASSOCHAM is organizing ‘5th Real Estate Summit: Emerging Challenges of Future Cities’ at 10.00 a.m. on 14th September 2012 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi.

Last Updated: Wed Aug 22 2012

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