5 Ways To Create An Open-Floor Plan

5 Ways To Create An Open-Floor Plan

5 Ways To Create An Open-Floor Plan

Open-plan homes are making waves in the world of home décor. Homes with such a plan have minimum numbers of walls and the rooms ─ different areas of the houses are not separated by a wall, they flow into one another. Because of the fact that this plan tends to make the space looks bigger and open, homebuyers love the scheme. Now, if you want to mark various areas of your home in an open plan, here are five ways in which you could easily do it:

Beam or columns

Construct a beam on the ceiling or a floor-to-ceiling column to segregate spaces. This can be used to separate a dining area from a living room or a kitchen. Beams and columns allow you to separate two spaces and still keep them open. Not a fan of beams? You could use ceiling carving or an archway to separate and beautify the area.


A change of colour in walls or ceiling can be an interesting way of separating two areas, giving them both a definition without having to make any architectural changes. Just a small paint job and your work will be done. Moreover, colours will add beauty to your home. While choosing colours, act wisely. Do use more than two to three colours for each section. Also, make sure that the colours you use have a smooth transition from one area to the other. Pick a colour scheme that is right.


Not just paint, different flooring can also segregate the areas. You can use two different material or same material of different colours. For instance, use wooden flooring for the living space while you could use tiles in the kitchen. Or, use two different colours of wooden flooring to separate the living room from dining area.

Sliding doors

Want to separate two spaces to make them two private areas? Use sliding doors. When closed, these doors can separate two areas and even ensure privacy in both. Slide open the door and you have one big space. Sliding doors are a minimal addition and don't take space once installed.


Want to separate your reading area from your living? How about adding a bookshelf? This shelf will also accommodate your collection of books and also give you privacy while you are reading. Install a ceiling to floor bookshelf with minimal design or a low-lying bookshelf which is spread out from one wall to the other. Choose between the two depending on the size of the room.

Last Updated: Mon Oct 23 2017

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