5 Ways CRM Can Help Grow Your Realty Business

5 Ways CRM Can Help Grow Your Realty Business

5 Ways CRM Can Help Grow Your Realty Business

Running a real estate business you have to make sure that all the operational activities go on smoothly, including managing sales and marketing. After all, sales and marketing are the lifelines of your business.

Marketing campaigns can bring in the much-needed volume of leads for your sales teams but how many of these get converted is the million dollar question. While sales representatives have their own way of managing the sales cycle, but having this one way of sales can't help you in scaling up your business.

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a potential way of tackling this challenge. Here are five potential reasons why you must deploy CRM software in your real estate company:

Centralised database of leads

A CRM software can help you generate leads from both offline and online modes into one centralised system. You can connect all the sources of lead generation, including your website, listings accounts, directories and social media accounts with this software; track the number of leads generated on a real-time basis; and assign them to your sales representatives.

The leads generated through conventional marketing platforms, including events, conferences and outbound calling could also be entered into this database.

Keeping a track

Generating a lead is only the beginning of the home-selling process. No one buys a property without an aggressive approach from the seller. But, how do you ensure that your sales personnel are not missing on leads?

A CRM can enable you to categorise leads in various buckets. You can easily find out how many follow-ups were done with a prospective client and depending on the response you can decide whether that's a high-sales prospect. Similarly, you can keep track of all your leads and follow-up with them at regular intervals.

For instance, if a client asks you to call after a month, you can set a reminder in the system and never miss a follow-up call. Working as per the client's feedback also enhances your credibility in the market.    

Integrated campaigning

Once you have all the client data stored in a centralised digital platform, you can do a lot with that. You can develop sales offers and let your entire client-base know about that through automated email campaigns.  

The automated campaign can provide you information about the people who open your emails and respond to your call-to-action. This information can help you plan your next move. People who opened your email are the ones who can be further approached by your sales team.

Standardised processes and workflows

A CRM system can help you develop standard systems and processes. You can also build custom workflows to automate client communication without compromising on the personal touch.

Setting standard systems and processes can definitely empower you to plan better marketing campaigns and expand your sales team.

Closing the transactions

In the end, CRM tools can help you close more deals efficiently. You can actually monitor your sales pipelines and forecasts future growth more accurately.  Through the CRM system, you can take the sales cycle to the next stage, by generating invoices and track all documentation and payments.

Last Updated: Tue Oct 31 2017

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