5 tips while investing in Green homes

5 tips while investing in Green homes

5 tips while investing in Green homes

Go Green, is the mantra everywhere, be it in any industry. In the light of scarcity of resources, everyone is spreading the significance of recycling and reusing the available resources. The same is happening in the real estate industry. Off late, more people in the real estate industry have become conscious about their environment. A recent study shows that potential home buyers are willing to spend some extra money for the sake of environment.

The concept of green homes is accepted well in the Indian real estate sector and there is an increasing demand for such houses, apartments, shopping malls. According to a real estate agent in East Delhi, “Eco-friendly houses are a recent trend in real estate business. Builders and developers are concentrating in constructing Eco-friendly buildings to fulfill the needs of the investors”. Eco- friendly projects have been successful in major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The Eco-friendly houses are usually built with the aim of decreasing environmental waste, toxic waste and safeguard the environment from the adverse effects of human activity. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has a rating system for green homes. Green homes have many benefits. They help in savings on 20 to 30 per cent on energy consumption and saving on water by 50 per cent. Other benefits include, enhanced air quality, health & wellbeing of the owners and the conservation of scarce national resources to the fullest.

A green house projects are constructed with a trendy design, and needs least maintenance and use recycled materials for construction. They must be using water harvesting and proper waste management techniques, using solar energy is a crucial aspect in all green projects. “
While investing in an eco friendly home keep in mind the following tips:

1. Builder: Buyer can do an extensive research about any Green builder’s projects before investing. He also has to check for proper certification.

2. Waste management and saving water: Builder must employ water harvesting and waste management in their projects.

3. Natural cooling and heating: Builder has taken into consideration the advantage of winds for natural cooling in summer and heating in winter. Properly positioned windows will prevent your home being heated by the sun during morning and evening hours.

4. Resources used: Materials used vary according to the climatic conditions of the area, and they must be consuming least of fresh resource.

5. Energy efficiency: Appliances used must be energy efficient. Using solar lights and other substitute sources are ideal. Appliances used must have energy star ratings.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 10 2012

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