5 Tips To Hunt For The 'Right' Property In A New City

5 Tips To Hunt For The 'Right' Property In A New City

5 Tips To Hunt For The 'Right' Property In A New City

Ajay Narula, a 37-year-old techie, had to relocate from the national capital to Bengaluru after he got an irresistible job offer. Everything was hunky-dory, except for the accommodation bit because he was at his wits' end to understand on how to zero-in on the right property in an alien city.

Are you, just like Narula, looking for a property to rent or buy in a new city? It could be a challenge for you too, to pick the right neighbourhood, with right connectivity, infrastructure and even the right property at a price that fits your budget.

To make it easy for you, MakaaniQ lists five innovative tips to hunt for the right house:

Hire a local agent

A local real estate agent should be your first point person in the city. Do a background check before you hire him/her and then let him suggest the properties suitable for you. Moreover, as he is a local agent he would be well-versed with the locality, its pricing, surrounding, infrastructure and the property's future prospects.

Read about the neighbourhood

One  of the best ways to know about the city and the particular locality which you would prefer to live in is to read about it. Know about the latest happenings there including crimes, events and even socio-economic development there. This would give you an insight into the state of the locality, the livability factor and also, what would the future be like.

Stay there for a while

Have you relocated  with your family or are you all alone? Take up a short assignment in the city and live in the locality, may be in a hotel or office accommodation so you get a hands-on experience of living in the locality. If you can't find accommodation in that particular locality, try making visits and commuting from the area.

Look for corporate homes

If moving for work, request your company to provide you with a corporate house or office accommodation for a few days or even a month before you finalise a home. Let your company know that you are in the process of buying or renting a home that is well-suited for you and your family. Check with your company on the cost you would incur using this office accommodation and also, the duration you could use it for.

Make a visit

In case you have to make an urgent decision or renting or buying a property in a new city, make sure you pay a visit or two to the property once or twice. Don't settle for it until sure. Take a family member along to get a clarity of how feasible the property will be for everyone in the family. Also, check for the in-house layouts, services, amenities and furnishings that will be available when you move in. Also, make sure that the property is in good shape when you move in.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 21 2016

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