5 Things Home Buyers Do That Put Off Sellers

5 Things Home Buyers Do That Put Off Sellers

5 Things Home Buyers Do That Put Off Sellers

If buying a home is a difficult task, selling it is even more difficult. After all, real estate is a buyers' market. Most of the times, it's the buyers who dictate what they may or may not want in a home and sellers have a hard time meeting their requirements. However, if you push the limits, you may end up spoiling a deal that would have been very profitable for you. Buyers have to be mindful of the fact that the asset lies with the seller and being at your best behavior may actually sweeten the deal for you.


This is why you should never do these five things:

Skip planned visit 

How would you feel the seller doesn't show up at a pre-scheduled time for negations or a site visit? It will put you off. The same applies to the seller, too. Deciding on a date and time and then not showing up is a bad first impression that you make on the seller. In case of any unforeseen circumstance, inform the seller a few hours before about your unavailability. Also, asking for too many visits can also put off the seller, especially when you have almost sealed the deal and still want to make multiple visits. 

Staying confused

Do your homework before you pay a site visit and ask only relevant questions. Do remember that property transactions are not a business which should involve small talk. A clear vision of what you need and what you don't would make it easy for the seller to sell the property to you. 

The nitpicking 

Though you are planning to buy the property, remember it is still not your property. Do not nitpick on small things, including furnishings and wall paints. You can always make the design changes according to your taste when you move in. The colour of the carpet, the wall paint, or light fixtures are a not-so-convincing reasons to put off the deal as these are easily replaceable.

Quote unreasonable offers

Negotiating for a property is justified but putting a price much lower than the market trend or negotiating after sealing the deal are a complete put off for the seller. Be reasonable about the negotiated price you put forth. Also, don't make demands for structural changes in case the seller drops your demand for renegotiation. In such a scenario, an agent can be the best to stop the home buyer from making such demands.

Questions on home eligibility

The deal has been worked out and turns out you are unqualified to take the home loan. This could be the biggest put off for the seller, who has taken all the pain to fulfil the obligations on his end of the deal.

Last Updated: Tue Aug 02 2016

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