5 Things A Homebuyer Should Not Tell A Seller's Agent

5 Things A Homebuyer Should Not Tell A Seller's Agent

5 Things A Homebuyer Should Not Tell A Seller's Agent

Buying a home? Apart from your own agent, you will be in equal and continuous communication with the seller's agent along with the seller. While you have to be completely clear and honest with your own agent, when it comes to a seller's agent a little mystery and diplomacy can take you a long way in signing the deal.

MakaaniQ shares things that you should never say to a seller's agent:

This is my budget

Never ever reveal to the seller's agent what is the money you could spend on the property. Let them come to you with the price and negotiate the best you could. What if the property could cost you less than what you had planned to spend? If the agent already knows what you are ready to spend, you won't be able to get a good deal or you would be spending more than the fair price of the property.

This is my dream home

Do not show how much you love the property or it has struck the right chord with all your needs and criteria of property selection. The excited self might just lower the chances of the negotiating self. Your keenness will trigger the agent to sell you the property at a price that he had planned to sell the property for leaving no room for negotiation. Keep a poker face about how much you like the property. Show interest and not excitement.

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I don't like the furniture

You are not going to retain as it is. Do not go negative and comment about things that you will replace anyway. While the seller or the agent's décor sense might not match yours, a giving a distasteful look or comment might just put off the seller and the agent. The idea is to make them feel like you are interested in the asset and the rest doesn't matter.

This is the first thing I will change

Already dreaming of things you will remove or architectural changes you will bring to the property to give it a sense of a home you own, you don't have to be loud about it with the seller or the seller's agent. While this, on one hand, would show the seller's agent your excitement, on the other hand, it might just put off the seller as you are ready to rip off something they cherished for years.

You will never get that price

Rather than saying something like this, directly indulge in the negotiation of the property price. Do not tell the agent that they will never get the price they have quoted. Too many lowball offers and direct comments about the price of the property can be a deal breaker. Give you the final price and let the agent and seller take a call.

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Last Updated: Tue Jun 06 2017

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