5 Signs You Should Run Away From The Home-Buying Deal

5 Signs You Should Run Away From The Home-Buying Deal

5 Signs You Should Run Away From The Home-Buying Deal

Home buying is a decision you take after weighing all the pros and cons about the property and its surroundings. In case you are looking for a property and there is something that you don't feel right about, its time to run away from the property and not waste your precious time on it. MakaaniQ lists certain signs that will help you know that the property is not worth it:

Listen to the home inspector

Has the home inspection report raised certain concerns about the cosmetic changes made to the property? Listen to the inspector. While you could change the way the décor of the property is done based on your own choice, the larger cosmetic changes are either impossible to mend or would require you to spend some more. You would not want to use your money on changing how the property looks without being sure that the change will be worth it. Its time you should move away.

The house plan is unusual

The seller is adventurous when it comes to the floor plan of the property? Merging on two rooms to make a big space, and not having separate rooms. There could be plenty of issues which you don't plan to mend by investing some more into these changes. In case the changes are plenty and will cost you, its time to not invest anything at all in such a property, not time and certainly, not your money.

Run away from toxic building materials

In case the property is an old construction and the material used is obsolete or have high lead levels. Such constructions can be harmful to you or your family, in case you plan to live in it. Moreover, other environmental issues including sceptic sewerage or water supply system, contaminated water supply, or even termite can be a long term issue that you will have to deal with forever. It is better to keep away from such properties.

Nosy neighbours? Its time to run

Neighbourhood is of utmost importance when you buy a property to live there. Nosy neighbours, loud neighbourhood, dirty surrounding among others should be a complete turn off for you. While you might think you can deal with it, imagine living in such an environment every day.

If it doesn't fit your budget

You thought of investing in the property even if it is little over your budget, think again. A property comes asking for a lifetime of investment in the face of upgradation, maintenance, house tax among others. If you invest in a property that is big and beyond your budget, you will have to keep on spending extra in the future too. 

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Last Updated: Mon Jun 19 2017

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