5 Signs That A Buyer Is Not Serious About Home Purchase

5 Signs That A Buyer Is Not Serious About Home Purchase

5 Signs That A Buyer Is Not Serious About Home Purchase

People often have a hard time trying to sell their properties; after all, real estate is a buyers' market. Things become even more difficult if you are an individual buyer trying to sell your property without involving a middleman. As home selling is a serious business, where you would not want to take any chances and where you would want the deal to be sealed as soon as possible, you must ensure you are only entertaining genuine buyers. Many of the people who come to you showing interest might just be trying to educate themselves about the sector and current trends in real estate -- at the expense of your time . There could be some clear signs that would tell you if there are chances of finalising the sale with a particular person.

Here are five signs that tell you that you might be wasting your time with someone who will not buy your property:

Dodging questions

A genuine home buyer will have no problems in sharing with you the personal and professional details that a home seller must know. As a seller, it is your right to know that you are dealing with a genuine person. End the negotiations at an early stage if you think the buyer here is keeping things from you.

Taking time schedules lightly

For most home buyers, purchasing a home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They would not be late for site visits or ignore your phone calls if they are genuinely interested in buying.  

Delaying the process

Most home buyers would be in a hurry to take the possession of their future houses as soon as they can. If a buyer is delaying the process by making some or the other excuse, be certain that he might be here just to enhance his knowledge base about the sector.

Money concerns

Some of the buyers would come to you because they just love your property. It is the dream house that they always wanted to have. They would tell you this again and again. However, sometimes such buyers may not have the funds to seal the deal. At the end of the day, home buying and selling are money matters and sweet talks about your property would not do either party much good.

Acting too pricey

It might be a buyer's market but the property still belongs to you. A buyer who is acting pricey and setting too many rules about the deal might eventually put you off, and there is every chance the deal will not materialise. It is better to not entertain such buyers.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 26 2016

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