5 Repair Requests That You Shouldn't Make To Seller

5 Repair Requests That You Shouldn't Make To Seller

5 Repair Requests That You Shouldn't Make To Seller

When buying a property, there could be a possibility that you would want certain amends based on your needs and also, areas that need repair.

But, while some buyers are unclear about what kind of repairs they could ask for, sellers will not volunteer for any repair that is heavy on the pocket.

To have a smooth transaction, here are some of the repairs requests that you, as a buyer, should never make to the seller: 

Renovations of your choice

We all want our home to be our reflection. So, the home you're buying would call for certain renovations. For instance, modular kitchen, dividing a room into two by putting up a wall, or changing the balcony railing to concrete. Do not ask the seller to get these renovations done before you close the deal. Rather, if there is something that is not up to the mark , you can negotiate that through the deal.

The cosmetic repairs

In a rented accommodation, you get the property with all the cosmetic repairs, including fresh paint, proper door locks, among others. But, if you are buying a property with chipped paint, broken doors or old locks, you will have to overlook them. Especially, if you are completely convinced with the property, do not ask for such repairs from your seller. There are chances you may not like the quality of work delivered by the seller. Rather, after you have bought the property, hire a contractor of your choice and get the quality repair done. 

Pest control

Want to move into a property that is completely pest-free? We would suggest you to opt for a property that is not hit by pests and termites rather than asking the seller to run a pest-control on the property. A pest-laden property could be a deterrent for you when selling it in the future.

The minor repairs

If the property you are planning to buy is not used for dwelling purpose, there might be certain minor repairs that are a necessity for safety. For instance, jammed windows, faulty electrical sockets, plumbing repairs, should be done by the buyer once they have bought the property. Asking for multiple minor repairs could actually put off your seller. He would prefer opting for an easier deal where the buyer doesn't ask for such repairs.


Ensure that you install safety measures based on your need and requirement. Putting these requests to your seller might not be satisfactory for you and would be a burden for your seller to ensure quality.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 21 2016

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