Buying A Home? Preference You Should Never Compromise On

Buying A Home? Preference You Should Never Compromise On

Buying A Home? Preference You Should Never Compromise On

With the beginning of the home-buying process begins the making of a long wishlist. While some things on the list are aspirational, some are that will impact your living in the property for the years to come. The wishlist though gives your home-buying process a more focused kick start, it at times can also keep you in a fix on what to choose and what not. As the wishlist grows, you are not likely to find everything that you ever wanted in one property. There will be certain compromises that you will have to make. But, there are some things that you should not overlook keeping in mind the longevity of your stay in the property.

Cooked to perfection

Home buyers these days are aware of the importance of a kitchen in homes. In our busy schedules, we do not have much time to spend in the kitchen, even if we intend to. This is why we need a perfect kitchen to cut short the labour and time spent. However, as far as a kitchen is concerned, the definition of perfection is subjective. For some, a marble kitchen top with a fancy chimney is perfection; for others, perfection makes for a modular setup comprising time-savvy electronic equipment. But, no matter what your definition is of perfection, make sure no compromises are made on the amenities you would need here.

Go with the flow

We are certain you plan to install air-conditioners across the house to keep it cool during summers. Fair enough. But do pay attention to the fact that there are no substitutes for all things natural. This is why it is pertinent that your house has proper access to the sun and air. In case the unit does not provide you with proper ventilation, it might not be worth living in. Apart from everything else, the absence of ventilation can be detrimental to your physical and mental health, too, studies prove.

Something smells right

The same is true of bathrooms, too. In the good-old days, we could do with the bare minimum facilities in a bathroom. This is not the same anymore. Any flaws in the bathroom can cause you a major trouble in future. In case you find any defects, ask your seller to address your concern immediately. If you feel the layout of the bathroom is not done according to the rules of Vastu, etc, and might have an adverse impact on your health, there is no reason for you to compromise.

The safety net

You have paid a premium to book a house in a housing society to be able to enjoy security services.  While most developers boast offering 24x7 security services in their projects, the reality might be different. This is why it is a must to make sure the developer is serious about the security of the residents and has put in place measures to ensure the same. A manned entry point is no guarantee a housing society is safe. In case of working couple who leave their children behind as they go for work, security must be the prime criterion for selecting a house.

The open spaces

Not many of us can afford homes with big lawns and open terraces. But, all human beings need access to fresh air and a green view to keep their mental and physical health. This is the reason why developers focus on developing open spaces for in their projects. Make sure the open space has space for all of you. A small park in society that houses, say, 500 residents are nothing but crowing. Make sure you do not end up in a housing society like that.

Schools nearby

A young couple who already have children or are yet to start a family should never compromise on this prerequisite. You will need a school close by when you move to the new locality for your children or would want to admit your new born in years to come. Schools in the vicinity allow you to have options and also, proximity to the home ensures your children are not tiring themselves by undertaking tedious miles to school and back. Moreover, it saves on their travelling expenses, too.

Want to sell the property in future? This factor will also make your property more saleable.

Floor plan

Look at the floor plan closely before you give your thumbs up to the property. It is important to know how many rooms and the size you are getting. Do not compromise on the size of the apartment and the number of rooms you would need. This need is only going to grow once your children grow up.

Also, for people who follow Vastu Shastra, an ancient science of architecture, it becomes imperative to know the directions of the entrance, the bedroom, the kitchen among others.


Parking woes, we all face them every day at work, markets and even at our own residential localities. Housing projects come with their own parking space, one each designated to an apartment unit. But, for those buying a property in a row house locality, a decent parking space is something you should be looking for and not compromising on. You don't want to get into daily quarrels with the neighbours about parking or what if you have to park far off from the property which puts a security threat on your vehicle.

Commute time

Compromising on commute time will cost you in the long run. Do not let yourself regret by investing in a property that will make you travel extra minutes that might turn into hours on bad traffic days. If you have set a time limit for your commute to make sure the property you choose falls within the limits.

Neighbours and neighbourhood

These are the people you are going to meet, greet, communicate and even need help from in times of emergency, once you start living in your new abode. Do not comprise on the neighbours and even the neighbourhood. Good and well-kept surrounding properties also add value to your asset. Hence, look for a well-established locality that houses people who are like-minded. 

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Last Updated: Mon Nov 06 2017

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