5 Moving Mistakes That You Must Avoid

5 Moving Mistakes That You Must Avoid

5 Moving Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Have you been planning to make a move into a new house? Chances are that the task will make you feel worked up even before you begin the process. From packing to documentation and to informing everyone about the move could be a stressful and time-consuming task. While you prepare yourself to begin the process, make sure you do not make these five mistakes. 

Delaying the process

Do not do this at any cost. However tiring it may look, you have to start the moving process and especially before it gets too late and you end up adding more stress. Take your time to pack your things one by one. Make a checklist of the tasks you should perform starting at least four weeks before the day of shifting.

Finalising the first packer & mover you meet

Packers & movers are the ones who will ensure that all your precious and even the smallest of things are delivered to your new home safely and in time. So choose them wisely. Ask as many questions as you want and meet at least four to five such service providers before you zero down on one. Make sure they have good reviews, check with past references, how much they charge and what vehicles they use.

Unorganised packing

In case you are packing some of your stuff on your own, make sure you pack in an organised manner. Well-packed things would ensure there is no breakage, less space is taken and your moving cost is reduced. Label each box with what is inside them. You could also pack stuff of each room separately. This will also help the movers to place the things in the right manner once they get to your new and vacant home.

Not informing about change in address in advance

Informing about a change in address is one of the most important things you need to do. Make sure you perform this task well in advance. For instance, if you want to shift your internet or TV connection, a month’s time is important for the service providers to shift the services to the new address well in time of your move. Here are certain people who must know about your shift.

Mistiming the move

A well-timed move can be both time and money saving. For instance, moving during the mid-month could help you get a better deal from movers and packers who have more people and time slots available for the move as compared to the beginning or end of the month. Also, if it is vacation time for your children, make a move. It will be easy for you to shift their educational institution as also to get them adjusted to the new environment.

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