5 Things That May Put Off Your Property Agent

5 Things That May Put Off Your Property Agent

5 Things That May Put Off Your Property Agent

You heard it right! There are things that home buyers do that could put off your real estate agent, too. These habits could also keep you at bay from a good deal. So, here is a list of things you should avoid while he, as a part of his profession, handholds you during your home-buying process:

A list of wants

Be reasonable when putting a list of wants and budget to your agent. Do not get too much into the minute details about what you would want in a home, in terms of interiors, something that would make it difficult for the agent to provide with. Understanding that your and your seller's design sensibilities might not match, hence, you would never find perfect interiors. Also, once you buy the property, you could renovate it according to your taste.

Do not keep sitting on the fence

If you think waiting would help you fetch a better price, you're mistaken. The more you delay, even when you have been quoted the best price, would put off the agent as well as the seller. Also, you might not get the best price, too, by the time you are ready to make the purchase.

Undue negotiation

Do not indulge in undue negotiations. This is likely to put off your seller as well as your agent and bring down your reputation. Let your agent decide whether or not the price the seller is asking for is right or not. It is the agent's job to tell you of the right price prevalent in the market and what could be the best price you could quote.

Talking directly to the seller

This is one big no-no if you have hired an agent. Never go and speak to the seller directly or even simultaneously speak to other agents, too. Consider that the agent you have hired is here to service you and would get you a deal which is in your interest. Do not go overboard, rely on your agent and let him take the lead.

Too clingy

Hiring an agent doesn't mean you would call him at 10 in the night to share news about a property you just saw online. No! Follow the guidelines and respect his working hours. Also, as a homebuyer understand that the agent is also servicing other clients, so he cannot be at your disposal every time. Follow timelines and fix visit timings which suit the agent and seller, too. 

Last Updated: Mon Aug 08 2016

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